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AL Safwa First Class Lounge DOH

AL Safwa First Class Lounge

Terminal 1 (Inside Security)

  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi

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Top Amenities

  • Premium Food
  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Showers
  • Flight Monitors
  • TVs
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Internet Terminals
  • Printers & Copiers
  • Conference Rooms
  • Children's Area
  • Smoking Area

This first class lounge of al safwa is a tempting masterpiece that can’t go unnoticed. Its flavourful cuisine, astonishing craftsmanship, and many world-class services combine to give you the best experience at the lounge. You don’t need to panic if it’s your first flight with Qatar Airways. The Safwa’s lounge provides comfort, from delicious food to beverages; everything is provided to make you feel relaxed and calm. 

All first-class passengers and privileged club platinum members with business class tickets can access Al Safwa’s first-class lounge. Whether it’s your business trip or a vacation with your family and friends, the lounge is ready with everything that leads you toward a peaceful and stress-free journey. You can make yourself comfortable here and prepare for the departure. 

Operating Hours 

The operating hours of Al Safwa First Class Lounge are 24/7 as Doha airport is one the busiest airports, operating maximum flights, which results in heavy crowds at the lounge from 10 pm to 2 am and 4 am to 8 am. You will find the lounge most crowded during these two specified periods. But apart from this, the Al Safwa Lounge Doha is usually a quiet space.


The Al Safwa first class lounge is at the main terminal of Doha’s Hamad International Airport. If you are searching for the lounge from the main terminal, an escalator right to the towering lamp bear will directly lead you to the lounge.

Way to Access Al Safwa Lounge 

All the first-class passengers traveling with Qatar Airways and all the privilege club platinum members traveling with business class tickets can easily access the Qatar Airways Al Safwa First-class lounge. All the passengers who have upgraded their tickets to business class (business elite or economy) do not get access to Al Safwa first class lounge

1. Day pass Policy

All the business class passengers and reward seat holders who can access the Al Mourjan business lounge can only get Al Safwa first class lounge access by upgrading to first class with Al Safwa first lounge price of QAR 600 for a day pass, valid for 6 hours. You can seek help from the lounge reception or check further details from the official website regarding the day pass.

2. Qatar Airways Privilege Club Membership (no charges)

If you want to access the al Safwa first class lounge via the Privilege Club Membership, follow the guidelines below: 

  1. Click on the Privilege Club enrolment page. 
  2. Arrange the credentials needed to log in. 
  3. Now enter the required details such as name, address, etc.
  4.  At last, click “Create an account” to complete the registration process. 

3. With A Reward Seat 

You can access the Al Safwa first-class lounge if you have booked the reward seat with the help of Avios (British Airways executive club’s reward currency), which Qatar Airways rewards you if you fly with Qatar Airlines, partner airlines, or One World Airlines. You need to upgrade your reward seat to first class with a QAR 600 to get a day pass to access the lounge. 

Amenities Of Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge

All the world-class amenities and services of Doha al Safwa Lounge are mentioned below to provide the best experience to the passengers. You can look at the amenities provided by Al Safwa’s first lounge to make you feel relaxed and happy and will prepare you well for the departure:-

Food And Beverages 

Many food items are included in the Al Safwa lounge doha menu, which is flavorful, delicious, and tastes out of this world, such as granola, corn flakes, bran flakes, hummus, pan-seared sea bass, sandwiches, pastries, pasta Greek salad, Arabic mezze, buttercream soup, croissants, and many other delicious food items. 

Food Area of AL Safwa First Class Lounge DOH

If we talk about beverages, there are many refreshing and tasty drinks to enjoy, such as smoothies, revivals, premium coffee, hot chocolate, mocktails, fresh juices, tea, and other beverages that can light up your mood instantly. 

Layout And Seating 

All the layout and seating have been made to make you feel comfortable in the lounge. The Doha Museum of Islamic Art inspires the design. The ceilings of the Qatar first class lounge Doha al Safwa are too high, and the walls are made of sandstone, which looks sleek and beautiful. You can also notice some artefacts from the Museum of Islamic Art on the lounge’s walls and water displays. 

Sitting Area of AL Safwa First Class Lounge DOH

Along with this, the seating arrangement of the Al Safwa first lounge is quite impressive, where you can settle down freely. Some seating arrangements are bright and open for relaxation, while some are cool-looking and quiet, with faded glass partitions having ample table space and power. This area is specially for business purposes. Apart from seating arrangement and layout, there are other amenities that you can look for, such as a family and kids area, spa, jacuzzi, and quiet areas to add more comfort while being in the lounge. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can access Al Safwa first class lounge?

All the first-class passengers of Qatar Airways and the members of Privilege Club platinum members traveling with Qatar Airways business class tickets can access the al Safwa first class lounge.

Does Qatar’s first class lounge have beds?

Yes, they do have beds for sleeping purposes or short naps.

What is the cost of a one-day pass to Al Safwa’s first-class lounge?

The price of a day pass to Al Safwa’s first-class lounge is QAR 600, valid for only six hours.

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