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Bradley Airport Lounges – BDL

The Bradley Airport lounges provide travelers comfort and peace away from the noise and crowds; travelers visiting this lounge are able to rest and unwind in peace and have the option to even use some services/amenities that it has curated specifically to be used by its guests while they wait for their flights to begin boarding.

List of Bradley Airport Lounges

Quick Information: Mentioned below is the lounge at Bradley International Airport;

Terminal A

Bradley Airport Lounges Directions

We have added the directions for the Lounges available at the Bradley Airport Lounges

There aren’t many airport lounges at Bradley Airport, however, the sole lounge that is available provides travelers a place to relax and refresh themselves while also hosting amenities/services that will keep them entertained during their visit.

Travelers will have access to TVs, reading materials (newspapers and magazines), a full bar service, a self-service buffet, free internet access, and other useful commodities. The staff on duty at the airport lounge strives to provide good customer service while trying to ensure that all the lounge visitors have a memorable and satisfying lounge experience.

With a plethora of arrangements to be made for an air journey, it may get cumbersome for you to manage everything right from beginning to end. Whether you are traveling with your dear ones for a holiday, or you are on a solo trip, or you need to fly because of some business matters, each and every type of journey demands its own arrangements. However, once you reach the airport and clear the security checkpoint to proceed with your much-awaited business or leisure trip, you can take a sigh of relief. 

This is the time to relax, unwind, and recharge yourself. So, why not use the services provided by the well-equipped and spacious Lounge at Bradley International Airport, located in Connecticut, if your flight is scheduled from here. It is worthwhile to mention that children under the age of two are permitted free access. 

We know certain queries must be swirling around in your head. We are here to help you with some useful information on the same so that you can simply make a decision to access the lounge and enhance your overall travel experience.

Bradley Airport Lounges Access Types 

You are not required to be traveling with a particular airline or be in a specific class to access the Escape Lounge at Bradley Airport. No matter what, even if you travel in economy class, you are eligible for lounge access without holding a special elite status. 

However, if you hold certain card memberships or you need to access the lounge for one day only, as you might not be a frequent traveler, we have listed down the following ways through which you can use the lounge. 

One-day Pass

You can buy an on-the-spot pass at the reception of the lounge by paying a fee of $45, which is as per traveler. 

Besides, you can also make an easy booking through the website of Escape Lounges at least 24 hours before the time you wish to visit the lounge. This costs $40 per person.  

Please note that prices of passes bought in both cases may be given without taxes. Hence, you are advised to confirm the complete details if you plan to access the lounge. 

Card Membership

You can get complimentary access to the lounge if you hold any of the following cards:

American Express Platinum Card – You can bring up to two guests.

Centurion® Card – Up to two guests are allowed with you.

American Express Delta SkyMiles@ Reserve Card – You can use this card if you have a Delta-marketed ticket for that day. You can bring a guest by paying an additional charge of $30.

TAV Passport Card – You can bring one guest with you.

Dreamfolks Card – You can access the lounge as per the plan you have registered for. You are recommended to get in touch with the team of Dreamfolks for more details or any assistance required to avail of the associated benefits.  

Apart from the above, you can contact the lounge team at the front desk to know about their membership procedures and discounts. You can also seek guidance on discounts for the military community and AAA membership. 

Additional Points to Remember 

Here are certain other points you must keep in mind for a hassle-free lounge access experience. 

  1. You may find the logo or name of a third-party merchant or a financial institution or in fact both name and logo on your American Express Platinum Card. Hence, there might be a doubt regarding the eligibility of the card to access the lounge. So, you are required to refer to a contact number given at the back of the card. You can call the number to get your queries addressed. 
  1. If you are an American Express Platinum, Delta SkyMiles@ Reserve, or Centurion Cardholder and wish to access the Escape Lounge – The Centurion® Studio Partner, you can enjoy a different menu consisting of snacks, liquor, wine etc. This is in addition to the food and bar menu options that are already made available to all other guests.
  1. You can contact the team of Escape Lounges through their website. Besides, you can sign up to their newsletter to keep receiving important updates or notifications. A separate section on the website also features some of the frequently asked queries that can help address your concerns. 

Amex Lounges at Bradley International Airport 

Bradley Airport has only one lounge i.e., Escape Lounge – The Centurion® Studio Partner that is not specifically an Amex lounge. Nevertheless, if you are an American Express Platinum Card member or a Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card Member, you can definitely get complimentary access to this lounge. It is important to note that you can gain access through your Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card only if you are traveling on a flight marketed by Delta.

Apart from the above information, please bear in mind to contact the team of the lounge or the relevant sources to get complete details and find out if there are any conditions associated with the same. This will pave the way to a pleasant lounge access experience before you begin your air journey.

Faqs on BDL Airport Lounge

Where is the Amex lounge in BDL airport?

There is no dedicated Amex-operated lounge in BDL airport, however, Amex Platinum card primary users may avail of free entry to the Escape Lounge (Centurion Studio Partner) in Terminal A of the airport.

How many BDL airport lounges are there?

Currently, only 1 lounge operates at BDL International Airport.

What is the Delta Sky Club lounge BDL airport location?

The BDL International Airport does not have a Delta Sky Club Lounge.

Where to find the Virgin Atlantic business lounge BDL airport?

There is no lounge operated by Virgin Atlantic.

How to get entry to the BDL Escape Centurion airport lounge?

Travelers who wish to use the Escape lounge in BDL airport have the option to book in advance through the lounge’s website or they can even walk in.

Which lounge in BDL airport has a smoking room?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the airport premises.

Are there shower facilities in any lounge at Bradley airport?

Shower facilities are not available in the BDL airport lounges.

Can travelers use the BDL airport lounges for free?

The lounges at Bradley Airport allow free entry to only certain qualifying travelers; any other travelers who want to use the lounge facilities must pay an admission fee.

Are food and drinks free in the Bradley Airport Lounge?

Complimentary beverages and food is offered to travelers who use the Escape lounge at BDL airport.
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List of Bradley Airport Lounges – BDL

Escape Lounge Bradley Airport, Terminal A

Escape Lounge Bradley Airport, Terminal A

Terminal A, Gates 1-12 (Inside Security)