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Birmingham Airport Lounges – BHX

Located in the West Midlands County of England, Birmingham International Airport (BHX) lies about 13 km east-southeast of Birmingham city center. Birmingham Airport Lounges are ideal for both business and leisure travelers who need to make the most of their journey before the scheduled departure of their flights.

List of Birmingham Airport Lounges

Take a look at the list of lounges located at Birmingham International Airport:

Main Terminal 

  • Aspire Lounge
  • Club Aspire (South)
  • Clubrooms, Birmingham
  • No1 Lounges, Birmingham
  • The Emirates Lounge

Birmingham Airport Lounge Access Types

You can refer to the following access categories that serve as eligibility criteria for travelers to access lounges at Birmingham Airport:

It is suggested that you must confirm beforehand which of these access categories apply specifically to the lounge you wish to access. Additionally, reading the instructions or directions that go along with them will prove to be beneficial.

Amenities and Services at Lounges Birmingham Airport

You can use the following facilities at lounges at Birmingham airport:

  • Premium food
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • High-speed Wi-fi connection
  • Television
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Showers
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Flight information monitor

This is a comprehensive list of amenities that are usually offered at Birmingham Airport lounges. Nevertheless, some lounges may also offer more services, such as enhanced food menus. You must seek complete information and all the details regarding the particular lounge that you wish to use.

Airport Lounges Birmingham Paid Access  

You can book your space at any of the following BHX airport lounges in advance through the website of Birmingham Airport:

Aspire Lounge: The booking price starts from £36.99 for adults (over 12 years of age) and £21.49 for children.

No1 Lounge: Lounge booking is available for £34.00 for adults (who are above 12) and £20.00 for children.

Clubrooms: Space at this lounge can be reserved from £34.00 onwards for adults.

Aspire Lounge (South): The price starts from £36.99 for adults (more than 12 years of age) and £21.49 for children (belonging to 2 to 11 years of age bracket).

You are advised to browse through complete details or relevant guidelines on the website of Birmingham Airport or on the respective website of these lounges.

Birmingham Airport Lounge Priority Pass

The following lounges at Birmingham Airport belong to the Priority Pass lounge network:

 Main Terminal 

  • Aspire Lounge
  • Club Aspire (South)
  • Clubrooms, Birmingham
  • No1 Lounges, Birmingham

No matter whichever Priority Pass membership plan you have got, you can access these lounges. Make sure to keep your phone ready so as to show your membership status in the Priority Pass mobile app. You also need to show your same-day boarding pass.

Travelers who have not registered for any Priority Pass plan yet can visit its website and select any one of the three packages. This membership will enable them access to the aforementioned lounges at Birmingham Airport. 

If you are also the one exploring the plans and you do not travel often, you can choose the Standard package. The annual cost is US$99. Once you purchase this plan, you can visit a Priority Pass lounge for a discounted fee of US$35.

Next is the Standard Plus package which is available for US$329. You will get the first ten visits to Priority Pass lounges on a complimentary basis. The 11th and every subsequent visit will become chargeable at a fee of US$35. This plan is most appropriate for regular travelers. 

Well, if you keep traveling frequently, you can choose the Prestige package, which costs US$469 per year. This plan gives you unlimited free access to Priority Pass lounges. No charges apply. 

You can analyze and opt for a plan befitting your requirements. These plans also allow you to bring guests along with you. This is chargeable at US$35 per guest.

Birmingham Airport Lounge Amex

American Express does not operate any lounge at Birmingham International Airport lounge. Nevertheless, you can access the following lounges if you hold an American Express card membership.

Main Terminal 

  • Aspire Lounge
  • Club Aspire (South)
  • No1 Lounges, Birmingham

You may visit the website of American Express for complete information and the crucial terms and conditions to be followed. You may also find information on whether guests are allowed with you on a complimentary or chargeable basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common queries raised with respect to the Birmingham Airport Lounges.

How many lounges are at Birmingham Airport?

You will find the following lounges located at the main terminal of Birmingham Airport:

– Aspire Lounge
– Club Aspire (South)
– Clubrooms, Birmingham
– No1 Lounges, Birmingham
– The Emirates Lounge

How much does it cost to use the lounge at Birmingham Airport?

Reservations at these lounges at Birmingham Airport can be made through the airport’s website. You must take note of the associated terms and conditions.

Aspire Lounge: £36.99 for adults (over 12 years of age), £21.49 for children

No1 Lounge: £34.00 for adults (who are above 12), £20.00 for children

Clubrooms: £34.00 for adults

Aspire Lounge (South): £36.99 for adults (more than 12 years of age) and £21.49 for children (belonging to 2 to 11 years of age bracket)

Which is the best airport lounge in Birmingham?

Although each and every Birmingham airport lounge is a retreat for travelers, No1 Lounges and Aspire Lounges seem to have been the preferred choice of travelers. 

What is included in the Birmingham Airport lounge?

You will get free and unlimited Wi-Fi, complimentary food and drinks, including table service for certain items, complimentary access to more than 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines, charging points, flight information screens, and many more facilities at BHX Airport lounges.

However, some of the facilities may vary from one lounge to another. Some services may also be availed of by paying additional charges. Thus, you are advised to check the same before you plan to visit a lounge.

How much is No1 Lounge Birmingham Airport?

You can reserve space at this lounge in advance through the website of Birmingham airport. The booking is available for £34.00 for adults (who are above 12) and £20.00 for children.

Do Emirates have a lounge at Birmingham?

Yes, the Emirates Lounge has been made available by Emirates Airlines at the main terminal of Birmingham airport.

Are Birmingham airport lounges worth it?

Taking a look at the amenities offered by each and every lounge at Birmingham airport reveals that these lounges are definitely a great choice for both vacationers and business travelers.

You can relax and have a memorable time with your dear ones or you can just simply go ahead with completing your official tasks or attending online meetings. Make sure to visit the website of Birmingham airport or the website of lounges for detailed information.

Are drinks free in No1 Lounge Birmingham airport?

You can enjoy complimentary beer and wine at this lounge. However, you need to pay additional charges for spirits and liquor.

What lounges are available at Birmingham Airport?

You can choose to visit Aspire Lounge, Club Aspire (South), Clubrooms, No1 Lounges, or the Emirates Lounge at BHX airport as per your travel preferences. All the lounges are located at the main terminal of the airport.
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List of Birmingham Airport Lounges – BHX