Dubai is one of those beautiful countries in the world that people love to visit. If you are also one such passenger who is planning a trip to Dubai, then let us give you a helping hand to make your journey extremely wonderful and impressive. You can take your journey in your hands and keep it positive until the end. 

In this blog, we will inform you of the rules and regulations that you must know while visiting Dubai to have a hassle-free journey away from the chaos. 

Guidelines For Travelling To Dubai 

All the essential details regarding your trip to Dubai are mentioned below. Go through all the details and check whether you are prepared with all the necessities or not:

1. Bring A Valid Passport 

It is very important to bring a valid passport when you travel to Dubai. You must also be careful about the expiration date and invalidity of the visa. If your passport is found invalid or expired, the UAE immigration services will consider you an INAD, which stands for Inadmissible Passenger. 

It must have 6 months of validity before commencing the journey to Dubai. There are some guidelines below regarding the passport in the context of applying for a visa:-

  1. If you are applying for a tourist visa for Dubai, you must scan and upload your passport, which must be valid for six months. 
  2. You must upload two blank pages of your passport and a scanned copy of your photograph. 
  3. Finally, you are required to attach confirmed return flight tickets. It is essential to prove that you are not going to stay in Dubai permanently. 

2. Sponsorship Letter 

Along with the passport and visa, a sponsorship letter must be provided. A sponsor guarantees that the traveler will not stay in Dubai after completing their vacation tenure. This is important as many travelers stay in Dubai without a valid tourist visa or are looking for a permanent stay. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a sponsor when you travel to Dubai. 

The sponsor replies to all the official requests on your behalf. A sponsor can be a hotel you have booked to stay at, the airline you are traveling with, a company, a travel agency, friends or family, local residents of Dubai, or an individual. All the mentioned sponsor types will represent you during your stay in Dubai. 

3. Guidelines For Post Covid 

Now, there is no need to present negative PCR tests or COVID-19 boosters and vaccination certificates to the immigration officers. From 8 November 2022, the Dubai travel guidelines regarding the covid 19 have been eliminated.

If you have to travel from or through Dubai on a layover, you may have to fulfill some travel restrictions related to post-COVID-19. Many countries possess some travel restrictions regarding COVID-19, so go through all the guidelines before starting your journey. 

4. Visa For Dubai 

If you belong to a country that requires a pre-arranged visa, you will need a Dubai tourist visa. You can get it on arrival, apply online, or connect with the embassy to get it. There are various kinds of passports that provide the allowance to travel to Dubai visa-free, or you can also apply on arrival. 

If we discuss the Dubai tourist visa, then the tenure of validity begins from 48 hours and goes to 6 months or 180 days. You can easily apply for a visa based on your residence and purpose of staying. It can be for a whole day or for a vacation. 

You are required to pay the visa fee at the time of completing the application, and the fee for a Dubai tourist visa is nonrefundable. Some visa applications also require additional fees, and the maximum time limit for processing the visa is 3 to 4 business days. If you have used your visa, no refund will be issued for the flight ticket. 

All tourists must keep in mind that it is not necessary that if you have received a visa successfully, then you will get entry to Dubai. It entirely depends on whether the Dubai immigration office approves or rejects your visa. 

Note: The immigration services of UAE regulate Dubai’s travel guidelines.

Different Categories Of Dubai Tourist Visa 

There are two types of tourist visas mentioned below, and you can opt for any one of them while planning a trip to Dubai:- 

  1. 14 Days Tourist Visa 

With this visa, you can stay in Dubai for 2 weeks. The maximum time limit to avail of this tourist visa is 2 months. You can also get this visa upon arrival.

  1. 30 Days Tourist Visa 

If you are seeking this visa, then within this visa, you can stay for 30 days in Dubai and can also extend it up to 10 days. 

Essential Documents For Dubai Visa 

Here are some documents mentioned below that are mandatory to submit in order to get the visa for Dubai:- 

  1. Sponsor letter 
  2. Visa application form 
  3. Passport’s color copy ( 6 months validity required )
  4. Airline ticket copy ( along with return ticket)
  5. 2 colored photographs 

Laws For Roaming In Dubai 

We have already discussed the guidelines for tourists who are going to take a trip to Dubai. Here are some strict laws of Dubai for tourists that you must keep in mind while visiting public places and properties.

1. Public Affection Is Prohibited 

If you are in Dubai, you are not allowed to show affection to your partner in public places, as this is strictly prohibited. It makes the surroundings uncomfortable, and there is zero tolerance for acts of affection. If you show affection publicly, then you may have to pay a fine and can be arrested. Only hugs and holding hands are allowed for married couples. 

2. Click After Permission

If you are going to click the photographs of the people or buildings or anything in Dubai, then it is better to ask first because if you click the photos without permission, then it will be considered offensive and can bring hurdles. Taking pictures of places like airports, military buildings, hospitals, schools, police stations, and many more is prohibited.

3. Do Not Eat And Drink Publicly 

If you are in a public place or on public transport, do not eat and drink because it is strictly prohibited in Dubai. If you are caught while eating or drinking, you may have to pay a fine. The fine is 100 dirhams. So, it is better to follow the rules and regulations. 

4. Dressup Properly 

If you are planning to go outside, then you must be very careful regarding your dress code. Women are not allowed to wear short dresses publicly. For men, roaming without a shirt or t-shirt is prohibited. If you are at the beach, then swimsuits and shorts are allowed. So, it’s important to follow the rules to have a hassle-free trip in Dubai. Along with this, the women are requested to cover their heads while visiting any religious place in Dubai. 

5. Show Some Respect 

It is important to show respect towards the citizens of Dubai, their public property, and more. The Islamic religion conveys the message of love and respect, so it is very important to be respectful towards others. The more respect you give, the more you will get. So be humble and give respect to everyone. 

6. Be Careful Towards Prescriptions 

Before heading to the airport for Dubai, check your prescription and other medicines because there is a zero-tolerance policy against the drugs. The policy extends to some other kinds of medicines, such as medicines containing painkiller codeine. So, be attentive towards your prescription medicine if you don’t want to indulge in any of the chaos. 

7. Tenure Of Ramadan 

If your traveling days are during the tenure of Ramadan, then you must be very careful about your every activity and be aware of the behavior guidelines for the passengers. During Ramadan, it must be the responsibility of the tourists to respect the sentiments of the people of Dubai, and eating, smoking, and drinking are also not allowed. 

8. Dont Turn On The Vehicles 

If you are driving with the consumption of alcohol, then it will directly take you inside the prison, so it’s better to drive safely. Dubai is well known for its safety rules, so there are proper arrangements for safety at every place, such as cameras therefore, driving at high speed, using a phone while driving, racing, and neglecting the traffic rules can create trouble for you and will make you pay fine. So don’t indulge in such acts, and drive safely on the roads in Dubai. 

8. Restrictions For Unmarried Couples 

It is illegal to live together or share a room between an unmarried couple. So, do not live together, especially if you are in Dubai. Even if you are in a hotel, it is still strictly prohibited in Dubai. So be careful about booking rooms or sharing places as it is punishable and can force you to pay a high fine. 

9. Do not Swear In Public 

No one is allowed to swear, fight, or argue in public places. Such acts can disturb the peace and stability of society and elevate negativity. If you are caught doing such an act, you will be punished or have to pay a fine. So bear in mind that you should not be involved in activities that could bring you losses. 

10. Do Not Consume Alcohol Publicly 

If you want to drink alcohol, then you can have it in the clubs and bars that have licenses, but you can’t drink in public places and do not get outside if you are drunk; it is strictly prohibited in Dubai. You can consume alcohol in your home, in bars, and clubs only. 


We hope you have an idea of how to travel in Dubai and what guidelines should be followed to travel safely. You can check all the information mentioned above and start preparation according to the rules. It will help you avoid chaos and hurdles. So, plan a safe and secure journey and enjoy every moment to the fullest. 

People May Also Ask 

Can I share a hotel room with my girlfriend in Dubai?

No, sharing the same room is not allowed for unmarried couples. It is strictly prohibited in Dubai.

What language is spoken in Dubai?

In Dubai, people converse in the Arabic language.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol publicly in Dubai?

No, it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol in public places. Drinking is only allowed in licensed bars and clubs.

Can I have my food in public places in Dubai?

No, you can not consume food or any edible stuff in public.

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