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Bristol Airport Lounges – BRS

Explore the world of Bristol Airport Lounges, which transport you from chaotic airport terminals to an oasis of pure comfort and serenity.  While you are flying to have a great vacation with friends or family or you are looking forward to a substantial project discussion with your business team, stay assured that these lounges will enrich your travel experience.

Bristol North Airport Lounge List

Here is a list of lounges at Bristol Airport:

Main Terminal 

Bristol Airport Lounge Access 

Each Bristol Airport Lounge allows entry as per the following access types. 

Please note that whichever membership type you choose to visit a Bristol Airport Lounge, you are advised to stay familiar with the complete guidelines or instructions associated with it.

Bristol Airport Lounge Prices 

You can visit the website of Bristol Airport or Escape Lounges to create an online booking for entry to any of the lounges. 

Escape Lounge 

  • Price starts from £29.99 per person.
  • Entry is free for children whose age is from 0 – 35 months. 
  • You can stay for up to 3 hours. 

Price for 1903 Lounge

  • Price starts from £35.99 per person.
  • This lounge is meant only for adults. Children are not allowed. 
  • You can stay for up to 2.5 hours. 

This is about the Bristol airport lounge cost. You can cancel the booking up to 24 hours from the time of your visit. It is important to comply with the relevant terms and conditions associated with the airport lounges in Bristol.

Bristol Airport Lounge Opening Times

Each airport lounge at Bristol Airport opens at 3:30 AM and closes at 19:30 PM. Nevertheless, there could be changes as per the seasonal variations. You are advised to confirm the timings well in advance so that you don’t feel disappointed at the airport. The lounge remains closed on 25th December.

Amenities and Services at Bristol Airport Lounges

You can enjoy the following amenities and services at these lounges:

  • Hot and cold snacks 
  • Premium beverages
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Business and family zones
  • Disabled access
  • Mobility aids 
  • Telephone
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Televisions
  • Well-maintained washroom facilities

It is beneficial to confirm the exact set of facilities available at a lounge. There could be certain additional offerings on a chargeable basis. The front desk staff will guide and help you with booking the same.

Bristol Airport Lounge Priority Pass

Priority Pass members can access the Escape lounge located at Bristol Airport. The lounge is located airside. You need to go to the 1st floor through the security control section into the main departure lounge. then take a left turn and use the lift or stairs to arrive at the mezzanine floor. Thereafter, proceed as per the indications provided on the way to access the lounge. 

The lounge operates from 03:30 AM to 19:30 PM on a daily basis. However, there may be variations in timings as per seasonal changes. The lounge remains closed on 25th December.

You can show your Priority Pass membership in the mobile app and the same day’s boarding pass to access the lounge. 

Travelers wishing to purchase a Priority Pass plan can explore the offered packages on its website and choose a suitable one as per their travel preferences and budget.

Bristol Airport Lounge Menu

Escape Lounge Menu

You can enjoy various delights at breakfast. Back Bacon, Sausage, Baked Beans, Roasted Tomato, Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown Bites, porridge, and Toppings are served in a hot buffet. The cold buffet has Greek Yoghurt and Toppings. Besides, there is a selection of Fruit, Cereals, Pastries, Croissants, and Muffins.

For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy Soups, Salads, Hot Plates, Sandwiches, Snacks and cheese, and Homemade Muffins. Furthermore, vegan options are also offered in snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

You can enjoy drinks such as a variety of beers (draught, bottles, and cans), spirits, juices, wines, and soft beverages.

1903 Lounge

This lounge serves Back Bacon, Sausage, Hash Brown Bites, Baked Beans, Roasted Tomato, Scrambled Egg, and Other egg options (fried, poached, omelet). The cold breakfast menu consists of Banana, Honey, Yoghurt and granola, Plain Bircher, Mango Yoghurt, a selection of Fresh Fruit, and a selection of Cereal. You can also enjoy porridge, toppings, and items from the homemade bakery. 

The hot lunch menu contains Burmese Chicken Curry and sticky Rice, Mac N Cheese, Lamb and rosemary Balsamic Kofta, and Asian Pork Belly Bao Bun. There are also options in lunch and dinner such as Snacks and cheese, Salads, sandwiches, soups, and homemade bakery. Vegan options are also available in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and soup items. 

The beverage menu has a variety of soft drinks, juices, beers, spirits, wines, and champagnes. Vegan wines are also served.

Bristol Airport Lounges American Express

There is no American Express lounge at Bristol Airport. Nonetheless, you can access the Escape lounge through your Priority Pass membership card which is offered complimentary with your Amex membership. Please note that you still need to register and create an account on the website of Priority Pass.

You are required to show the Priority Pass membership status or digital membership card, a boarding pass for travel on the same day, and a government-issued I.D.

You can bring two guests with you on a complimentary basis. You may need to pay extra charges for additional guests. Detailed information may be found on the website of American Express. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the significant queries with their answers provided for your quick reference. 

Does Bristol Airport have a lounge?

Bristol Airport consists of Escape Lounge and 1903 Lounge. Both lounges are spacious, well-furnished, and apt for business and leisure travelers.

How much does it cost to use the Bristol airport lounge?

The prices for all the Bristol Airport lounges are mentioned below:

Price for Escape Lounge 
Starts from £29.99 per person (Entry free for children from 0 – 35 months of age)

Price for 1903 Lounge 
Starts from £35.99 per person (Entry only for adults)

What are the Bristol airport lounge opening times?

Both lounges at this airport open at 3:30 AM and close at 19:30 PM. However, you must confirm the timings beforehand as there could be a difference due to seasonal changes. The lounges don’t operate on 25th December.

Which is the Bristol airport lounge priority pass?

You can access the Escape lounge by paying a fee of US$35 if you are a Priority Pass member. However, the fee depends on the type of Priority Pass plan you are enrolled in. Guests may also be invited with a charge of US$35 per person.

Is there an escape lounge at Bristol Airport?

Yes, you will find one of the Escape lounges located at Bristol Airport. An advance booking can be made through the website of Bristol airport or Escape lounges. The price starts from £29.99 per person. Free entry is allowed for children whose age is from 0 – 35 months.

List of Bristol Airport Lounges – BRS