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Denver Airport Lounges – DEN

Travelers will find the Denver airport lounges rather comfortable; the lounges offer a variety of options when it comes to food and drinks and furthermore, they are outfitted with numerous comfortable seats which the travelers may use to relax before flight departures.

Not only that, the lounges also curate a range of useful amenities and services for travelers.

List of Lounges in Denver Airport

Quick Answer: Listed here are all the lounges at Denver Airport;

  • Concourse A
    • American Airlines Admirals Club
    • Delta Airlines Delta Sky Club
    • USO Lounge
  • Concourse B
  • Concourse C
    • The Centurion Lounge

In each Denver airport lounge, travelers will receive free access to the high-speed Wi-Fi service, which they can connect to through their laptops or other mobile devices to either check their mail, send messages, or simply browse the internet to keep themselves entertained during their visit to any of the lounges.

Denver Airport Lounges Directions

We have added the Denver Airport Lounges Directions below. You can navigate among the lounges easily for more info.

Every lounge at Denver airport exhibits its own charm and personality; travelers may choose a lounge that is operated by their airline or choose an alternative that offers paid entry or perhaps they have certain privileges which allow them to freely enter a particular lounge and enjoy the services rendered at that lounge.

Denver Airport Lounges Access Types

Passengers are allowed to use lounges at Denver International Airport using certain access types. If you hold one of the following access types, you can use respective lounges. 

  • One day pass
  • Priority Pass
  • Lounge Key
  • Lounge Club 
  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Centurion® Card 
  • Military Personnel 
  • Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card or other authorized user
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Capital One Spark Miles for Business
  • Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members
  • American Express Delta SkyMiles@ Reserve Card
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum members
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro members
  • AAdvantage Platinum members
  • Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard® primary cardmembers
  • ConciergeKey® members
  • AirPass℠ members (with special privileges of Admirals Club®)
  • United Club membership
  • United Premier Gold
  • Star Alliance Gold status
  • Active U.S. military ID
  • United Club℠ Infinite Card
  • United℠ Explorer Card
  • United Polaris business class
  • United Business (international flights)
  • United Business (premium transcontinental flights)
  • First class on a Star Alliance™ member airline
  • Business class on a Star Alliance member airline
  • Frequent flyer program members
  • Star Alliance member airlines passengers 
  • United Club membership (with MileagePlus credit card membership)
  • United Club one-time pass
  • Active U.S. military personnel
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf™ Club membership
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer members
  • Delta Sky Club members
  • Delta One / SkyTeam Premium Cabin Passengers
  • Delta Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus (Non-Delta members)
  • Club membership for Diamond Medallion members
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express card members
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business American Express card members
  • Centurion Card and Platinum Card Members from American Express
  • LATAM Business Class passengers
  • LATAM Black Signature / Black / Platinum / LATAM Pass members
  • Virgin Atlantic Business Class passengers
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
  • WestJet Business Class passengers
  • WestJet Rewards Gold and Platinum members
  • Delta SkyMiles Diners club card
  • Delta SkyMiles TRUST CLUB VISA card (Platinum and Gold)

It is worthwhile to mention that the USO lounge can only be accessed by the military community and their dependents. 

Besides, each of the access types comes with its own terms and conditions. It is highly advised to stay familiar with all the related rules. 

Denver Airport Lounges Guest Policies

You may bring guests as per the following access types. Please bear in mind to stay acquainted with the relevant conditions or policies so as to go ahead with a smooth experience ahead.

  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Centurion® Card 
  • American Express Delta SkyMiles@ Reserve Card 
  • United Club Membership
  • Delta Sky Club Executive Membership
  • Delta Sky Club Individual Membership
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express card member
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business American Express card member
  • Delta, Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion traveling internationally in Delta Premium Select or Delta One
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus  (non-Delta members)
  • Delta Sky Club Lifetime membership
  • Delta SkyMiles Diners Club card
  • Delta SkyMiles TRUST CLUB Visa card (Platinum and Gold)

Centurion members can also bring up to two guests to the Centurion Lounge at Denver Airport. Nevertheless, a charge of $30 USD (per person) can be paid to bring additional guests whose age may belong to 2 to 17 years of age bracket. If their age is above 18, you need to pay a charge of $50 USD (per person). 

One-Day Pass Cost for Lounges at Denver Airport 

You can access the following lounges at Denver Airport Lounges using a one-day pass.

  • American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge for US$79
  • Capital One Lounge (coming soon) for US$65
  • Centurion Lounge for US$30 for guests aged between 2 and 17 years;  US$50 for guests aged above 18 years
  • United Airlines United Club Lounge for US$59

At the same time, it is recommended to collect all the relevant details regarding the applicable conditions or guidelines based on which a one-day pass can be purchased. 

Amex Lounges at Denver Airport 

You can access Centurion Lounge and Delta Sky Club Lounge using an American Express card. However, Capital One Lounge is also coming soon at the airport and will offer access to American Express card holders. 

The customer care team of American Express or the respective lounges may be contacted for more details or assistance for lounge access. Since there may be different Amex categories you can choose from, it is beneficial to gather all the details in advance and proceed with reserving space at a suitable lounge.

Denver Airport Lounges FAQs

Where is the AmEx lounge Denver Airport?

Qualifying AmEx users may avail access to and use of the Centurion Lounge in Concourse C of DEN airport.

Is paid entry allowed at the Denver airport AmEx lounge?

Paid entry is not offered at the Centurion Lounge.

Can travelers pay and enter the United Lounge Denver airport?

Yes! A United Club lounge day pass can be bought either on location at the lounge or via their website and mobile app.

Do airport lounges Denver have free wifi?

Yes! Free wifi service is provided in all lounges at Denver Airport.

Is vegetarian food available at Denver International Airport lounges?

Yes! All the lounges offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian f&b options.

Are there any Denver airport lounges AmEx card holders can use?

Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express, Platinum American Express Card members, Centurion Card, and Platinum Card Members from American Express can get access to the Delta Airlines Delta Sky Club airport lounge.

Do the lounges Denver airport serve alcohol?

With the exception of the USO, all lounges at DEN International Airport offer alcoholic beverages.

Are pets allowed at the American Express Lounge Denver Airport?

Yes! The Centurion Lounge permits travelers to bring their pets/animal companions along with them; the pets/animal companions must be well-behaved and should remain in their kennels/carriers at all times during the visit.

What is the legal drinking age at the Delta Lounge Denver airport?

To be able to order alcoholic beverages at the Delta Sky Club Denver airport lounge, travelers must be at least 21 years of age.

Where is the Denver Airport Capital One lounge?

Capital One has announced that they will be opening a lounge at DEN airport soon.

Are there shower rooms in the Denver Airport Delta lounge?

The Denver Airport Delta Airlines lounge does not have private shower rooms.

In which Denver airport lounges Priority Pass access is offered?

None of the lounges at DEN airport have any entry agreements with Priority Pass.

Can travelers smoke in the Denver Lounges airport?

Smoking is prohibited in any of the lounges at DEN International Airport.

Do DEN airport lounges have air conditioning?

Yes! The lounges in DEN airport are air-conditioned.

Does Denver airport have a Priority Pass lounge?

Priority Pass does not operate any lounge in Denver Airport.
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List of Denver Airport Lounges – DEN

United Club Denver, Concourse B

United Club Denver, Concourse B

Concourse B (Inside Security)