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Edinburgh Airport Lounges – EDI

Make your way to Edinburgh Airport Lounges which offer a perfect setting to relax and recharge yourself before catching your flight. 

Each Edinburgh Airport Lounge serves as a suitable space where you can spend memorable moments and begin your journey in style. You can enjoy complimentary food and drinks, unlimited Wi-Fi, runway views, and other amenities at all lounges. 

An airport lounge in Edinburgh can also help you avoid the rushy and noisy areas of the terminal. Hence, you can relish a great time amid the soothing ambiance of lounges and bid goodbye to your stress levels. You can save money on food and drinks, as you need not have to buy expensive meals from the outlets located at the airport. 

These lounges are managed by well-qualified and hospitable staff that takes care of all your travel-related requirements. So, make your journey all the more wonderful by visiting an Edinburgh Airport Lounge while waiting for boarding time to start. Also, make sure to relax here if you need to wait for your next flight during a layover or flight delay. 

List of Lounges at Edinburgh Airport

Following is the list of lounges located at Edinburgh Airport

Main Terminal 

  • Aspire Lounge (Gate 16)
  • Aspire Lounge (Gate 4)
  • British Airways Galleries Club Lounge
  • Plaza Premium Lounge

Make sure to don’t get confused by the Plaza Premium Lounge which is also located at other airports such as, Plaza Premium Lounge Heathrow, Terminal 4, Plaza Premium Lounge in Orlando, Terminal C & many more.

Edinburgh Airport Lounges Directions

Using an Edinburgh airport lounge can offer you many benefits that can enhance your travel experience. Take a look at some of the benefits defined below: 

  • You get a quiet space to escape the hectic environment of the airport. Especially, after the daily stress of planning your travel and keeping every thing right for your journey, still on your mind, so you definitely need a separate zone to rejuvenate amid a calm ambiance. 
  • Restrooms and airport lounges and definitely more spacious, maintained, and comfortable than those at the airport. Lounges are meant for guests, and hence, everything is taken care of meticulously.
  • You must stay connected with your family, friends or office colleagues while traveling. So airport lounges provide you with charging stations where you can charge your phone and laptop. 
  • High-speed Wi-Fi facilities are available at Edinburgh lounges, using bitch, you can be in touch with your known ones. Moreover, you can enjoy your favourite shoes or listen to podcasts easily without any interruption. 
  • If you have layers of long hours, and in Edinburgh airport, lounges a suitable place to spend time and relax yourself. Even if your flight gets delayed and you need to wait for the next flight, you can spend time here. In cases of cancellations also, you may have to wait for the next flight or you may need to go home during odd hours so it is better to spend time at the lounge at that time. 

With various benefits associated with using Edinburgh airport lounges, you can enjoy an improved travel experience and start your vacation on a great note. You can also look for Edinburgh Airport lounge deals online to grab the best booking offer. 

Priority Lounge Edinburgh Airport

If you are a priority pass holder, you can access Aspire Lounges located at Gate 4 and Gate 16 and Plaza Premium Lounge without any hassle. If you haven’t watched a priority pass, yet, you can buy through its website and also seek assistance from its customer care department whose contact number is provided on the website. 

Is Edinburgh airport lounge access available to economy-class travelers? 

Economy class travelers can access Aspire Lounges located at Gate 4 and Gate 16. You can buy a one-day pass either online or pay at the reception. Else, you can enroll in an annual membership. Even if you hold a credit card accepted by the lounge, you can spend time here.

Cards accepted at Edinburgh Airport Lounges

Following is the list of cards that can be used at Edinburgh airport lounges. All the lounges use different cards. You must confirm beforehand which card will be applicable at a particular learns that you may wish to access. 

  • Business Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Centurion® Card from American Express British Airways Visa Signature® Card
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • American Express 

Edinburgh Airport Lounge FAQs

We bring to you some of the important queries related to Edinburgh airport lounges that are most commonly asked by travelers. 

Does Edinburgh Airport have a lounge?

Yes, there are four modern and comfortable lounges located at the main terminal of Edinburgh Airport. No matter whether you travel for an official purpose or a vacation, you can use the lounge and relax.

Is Edinburgh airport lounge open?

Edinburgh airport lounges open as per their own timings. You must confirm the timings before you plan to use a lounge at the airport. If it suits the time of your flight, you can use the lounge while taking care of the eligibility criteria.

Which is the Edinburgh airport priority pass lounge? 

Edinburgh airport has three lounges located at its main terminal that offer access to passengers with priority pass membership. 
– Aspire Lounge (Gate 16)
– Aspire Lounge (Gate 4)
– Plaza Premium Lounge

Can I access Edinburgh airport lounges using a one-day pass?

Yes, you can purchase a one-day pass for aspire launches located at gate four and gate 16 and for Plaza premium lounge. British Airways lounge is also available at the airport, but it is meant for the passengers of British Airways.

What lounges are open at Edinburgh airport?

Aspire Lounge (Gate 16), Aspire Lounge (Gate 4, British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, and Plaza Premium Lounge are open at Edinburgh airport. 

Which is the best lounge at Edinburgh Airport? 

All the lounges available at Edinburgh airport or meant for the comfort and convenience of travellers. Their eye pleasing decor and comfortable setting will definitely make you have some unforgettable moments. You can choose to spend time at the launch as per the time of your flight, your eligibility, and other requirements. 

What is included in Edinburgh Airport Lounge?

There are a variety of facilities available at Edinburgh airport lounges to make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
– Complimentary food and drinks 
– High-speed Wi-Fi
– Newspapers and magazines
– Charging points
– Showers
– Personal TVs, and more

From where can I get deals and discounts to book lounges at Edinburgh airport? 

You can explore coupon websites such as CouponAnnie and look for promo codes for Edinburgh airport lounge booking. 
You can also choose to book your space at the airport’s lounge through the website of Executive Lounges and explore deals, offers etc. 
Third-party websites or other online platforms also make for a great option to book space at an Edinburgh Airport lounge as there are high chances of getting promotional deals. So, you can grab the best offers and pay a discounted price.
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List of Edinburgh Airport Lounges – EDI