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Incheon Airport Lounges – ICN

The Incheon Airport Lounges provide travelers with a place where they can rest and relax when they have time to kill before boarding their flights; a variety of lounges are present at ICN airport that cater to passengers traveling with the different airlines operating from this airport.

The lounges offer travelers a safe space where they can rest up and refresh themselves and leave behind any exhaustion that they might have been feeling.

Every ICN lounge not only provides a place for some R&R but also hosts a number of services and amenities that have been made available, especially for travelers who make use of any airport lounge.

These amenities and services prove to be quite handy and useful, thereby enhancing any person’s visit to a Seoul Incheon airport lounge.

List of Incheon Airport Lounges

Every ICN airport delta lounge is outfitted with an ambiance that is maintained to make the travelers feel welcome and relaxed, and comfortable seats are also available for the people who opt to use the lounges.

Apart from comfort and peace, the lounges also offer a selection of food and drinks that travelers may indulge in if they wish. Below you will find all the names of the lounges that are operating out of Seoul Incheon International Airport;

  • Terminal 1
    • Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge (Central)
    • Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge (East)
    • Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge (West)
    • Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge (East)
    • China Airlines / Shanghai Airlines VIP Lounge (Concourse)
    • Jeju Air Lounge
    • Korean Air KAL Lounge
    • Matina Lounge (East)
    • Matina Lounge (West)
    • Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
    • Sky Hub Lounge (Concourse)
    • Sky Hub Lounge (East)
    • Sky Hub Lounge (West)
  • Terminal 2
    • Korean Air KAL First Class Lounge
    • Korean Air KAL Miler Club Lounge
    • Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge (East)
    • Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge (West)
    • Matina Gold Lounge
    • Matina Lounge
    • SPC Lounge


Following is the map of Incheon Airport Lounges. You can get the directions to visit the lounges from the below directions.

Amenities at Lounges at ICN Airport 

Seoul Incheon Airport Lounges enable a comfortable stay for business and leisure travelers. Here are some of the facilities you will find at almost all the lounges at ICN airport.

  • Food and beverages
  • Access for travelers with disabilities 
  • High-speed Wi-fi connection 
  • Flight information monitors 
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Television 
  • No smoking zones

Some of the lounges also offer conference areas and fax services so that you can simply go ahead with completing your official tasks or undertake business discussions with your team. You will even find shower facilities and restrooms at some of the lounges.

So, if you have a connecting flight and need to spend long hours during layover, quickly refresh yourself and stay energetic throughout the air journey. 

Lounges Access Types

Lounges at Seoul Incheon International Airport can be accessed through various types or categories given below:

  • Priority Pass membership 
  • Korean Air First and Prestige Class passengers
  • SKYPASS Million Miler Club member
  • SKYPASS Morning Calm Premium Club member
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Members
  • Mastercard membership
  • Jeju Air JJ Club Gold or Platinum tier membership
  • Departing on a flight by Jeju Air or a partner airline 
  • Travelog checking card
  • Woori, Hana, Nonghyup credit cards
  • Asiana Airlines or Star Alliance members; if they depart on regular flights:
  • Passengers flying on departing flights operated by Asiana Airlines:
  • Economy Smartium passengers taking an Asiana Airlines A350 long-distance flight; when travelling to the U.S., Europe, or Australia
  • Passengers with Priority Pass cards traveling on flights operated by Asiana Airlines or a Star Alliance member airline  

Please note this is a combined list of access types and there could be more of such categories that are valid to find entry into ICN lounges. You are advised to comply with the pertaining rules or guidelines for a pleasant experience before departure of your flight.

Guest Policies 

Below are some of the access categories that make you eligible to bring guests with you. These may be related to one lounge at ICN Airport or may be applicable in the case of more of its lounges.

  • Economy Class Asiana Club Diamond Plus members 
  • Asiana Club Diamond members 
  • Star Alliance Gold members plus one guest

It is recommended to go through the terms and conditions associated with guest policies related to ICN Airport lounges.

ICN Airport Lounges Amex

American Express does not operate a specific lounge at Seoul Incheon International Airport. 

However, you can use your Amex card to gain access to Sky Hub Lounge West, MATINA Lounge East (Gate 11), MATINA Lounge West (Gate 43), Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge (East), Sky Hub Lounge East, and Sky Hub Lounge at Terminal 1; MATINA Lounge, SPC Lounge, and Lounge L at Terminal 2.

It is important to note that the relevant terms and conditions must be followed with respect to the validity of your Amex card type for a particular lounge, as these cards are of different categories. Relevant guidelines may be read on the website of American Express. 

Priority Pass Lounges at ICN Airport 

You can use your Priority Pass membership to access Sky Hub Lounges, Matina Lounges, and Asiana Business Lounge at Terminal 1 of the airport. One Sky Hub Lounge is also located at Terminal 1 Concourse. Terminal 2 also offers Priority Pass lounges which are SPC Lounge, Matina Lounge, and Lounge L. 

If you still haven’t purchased the Priority Pass membership, you can explore the three annual plans provided on its website. Whether you keep traveling frequently, you travel on rare occasions or you have to travel sometimes regularly, you can choose a plan according to your requirements and budget.

You can reserve your space at a Priority Pass lounge by paying per visit charge. However, one of the three plans does not require you to pay any charge for your visit. In fact, you are also allowed to bring guests with you by purchasing a pass for them.

Priority Pass provides access to more than 1400 airport lounges all across the globe. You can enjoy world-class facilities and services for your personal and/or business requirements. Whether it’s about just rejoicing in the company of your dear ones or friends, or it’s about taking care of meetings and official tasks on the go, you can do it all without facing any difficulties. 

In fact, Priority Pass membership also comes complimentary with some of the American Express cards. The team of Priority Pass may be contacted for more information or guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ICN airport lounge has a pet relief area?

None of the lounges have a pet relief area.

Where in ICN airport Priority Pass lounge access is available?

Priority Pass is accepted at the following ICN airport lounges;
Sky Hub Lounges, Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge, and Matina Lounges in Terminal 1.
SPC Lounges, Matina Lounge, and Lounge L in Terminal 2.

How many Seoul ICN airport lounges are there?

There are 21 lounges operating at ICN International Airport. They all are mentioned above.

What time does the ICN Matina lounge open?

Each MATINA lounge has its own hours of operation; contact MATINA customer service for timings.

What is the Matina Lounge ICN airport day pass price?

The cost of the day pass for the Matina Lounge in ICN airport is $39 USD.

Are pets allowed in the lounges at Incheon Airport?

The policies regarding pet entry would differ based on the lounge; contact the desired lounge for details.

Do the Seoul airport lounges have free wifi?

Free Wi-Fi access is offered to travelers in most lounges but still check with the lounge staff for clarity.

Which ICN airport lounge offers day passes?

Travelers can purchase a day pass at the MATINA ICN airport lounges.
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List of Incheon Airport Lounges – ICN

Matina Lounge Incheon Airport, Gate 43

Matina Lounge Incheon Airport, Gate 43

Terminal 1, West Wing, International Departures