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Reno Airport Lounges – RNO

There aren’t many RNO lounges, but the sole Reno airport lounges provide ample amenities/services that travelers may avail themselves of. Travelers do need a place to unwind, to relax; the commute from their homes/offices to the airport can viably take a toll and cause tiredness and a spiral of thoughts that remain uncategorized.

List of Reno Airport Lounge

There’s only 1 lounge available at the Reno Airport. The Reno airport lounges that is available to travelers is listed herein:

Although this airport lacks a number of open lounges, fortunately, the operating lounge can be accessed by all travelers irrespective of their airline and travel/fare/seat class type.

In this lounge, every traveler can sit in comfort and unwind, and by the time they must exit the lounge to head on to board their departing flight they are sure to feel refreshed and reenergized.

Reno Airport Lounges Directions

Airport lounges offer a space where travelers know they won’t miss their flights but also truly rest till it is time to head on and board their respective flights.

Travelers are provided access to the wifi, reading materials, flight information, TVs, and other handy and useful services and amenities; the staff at the airport lounges is determined to provide good customer service and puts efforts to ensure that the travelers using the lounge facilities, service, and amenities leave with any complaints and have a satisfactory lounge experience.

RNO Airport Lounges Access Types

You can go through the below-mentioned access categories that are valid to gain access to the Escape Lounge– The Centurion® Studio Partner. It is the only lounge located at Reno–Tahoe International Airport. 

  • One day pass

You are suggested to pay attention to the predefined conditions or policies with respect to using a particular access type. 

This will help you relish a great lounge experience before taking off for your long-awaited vacation or business trip. 

RNO Airport Lounges Guest Policies

You can bring or invite guests to the RNO airport lounge, if you hold any of these access types. 

  • The Platinum Card® from American Express – Two guests allowed 
  • Centurion® Card from American Express – Two guests allowed 
  • American Express Delta SkyMiles® Reserve card members – One Guest Allowed 
  • TAV Passport Card members – One guest allowed

Make sure to take note of the already defined terms and conditions. The use of each access type may be governed by certain policies that are necessary to be followed. This will ensure a hassle-free experience for you at the airport.

Cost of One Day Pass for Lounges at RNO Airport

You can buy a one day pass to gain access to Escape Lounge – The Centurion Studio Partner located at the Reno–Tahoe International Airport. The pass can be purchased for US$40 through the website of Escape Lounges. 

If you are not sure about visiting the lounge or there are other sudden circumstances, you can reserve space directly after reaching the airport. In this case, you need to buy a pass for S$45 at the lounge reception. 

Please bear in mind there may be certain rules or conditions mentioned on the website of Escape Lounges. Make sure to go through the same. 

FAQ’s on RNO Airport Lounge

Where is the Delta Sky Club lounge Reno?

There are no lounges operated by Delta Airlines Delta Sky Club in Reno Airport.

How many Reno airport lounges?

Presently, there is only 1 airport lounge in RNO Airport.

Is there a Reno lounge operated by Air Canada?

Air Canada does not operate any lounge in RNO International Airport.

Which lounges in Reno allow Priority Pass access?

There are no lounges in Reno-Tahoe airport that are in collaboration with Priority Pass.

Are there any shower rooms in the RNO Escape airport lounge?

No! Shower facilities are not available at the RNO Escape lounge.

Is Dragon Pass accepted in RNO airport lounges?

Dragon Pass is accepted in the Escape lounge at RNO international airport.

Which lounge in RNO airport has a pet relief area?

There is no pet relief area in the RNO lounges.

Are service animals allowed in the Escape RNO airport lounge?

Yes! Service animals are granted entry to the Escape Lounge in Reno Tahoe airport.

Is entry free in Reno Tahoe airport lounges?

Free entry at Escape lounge RNO airport is only available for certain qualifying travelers.

Are pets allowed to enter the lounges in Reno Tahoe international airport?

Yes! Pets / Animal companions (birds, cats, dogs) are allowed entry to the Escape airport lounge, subject to some terms and conditions.
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List of Reno Airport Lounges – RNO

Escape Lounge Reno, Concourse B – C Connector

Escape Lounge Reno, Concourse B – C Connector

Concourse B-C Connector (Inside Security)