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San Antonio Airport Lounges – SAT

Founded in 1941, San Antonio International Airport is located in the City of San Antonio, Texas, United States. San Antonio Airport Lounges are one of such essential zones where travelers can spend time before going for their journey ahead. 

The San Antonio International Airport comprises a host of amenities and services making it easier for passengers to fulfill their other requirements on arriving at the airport or while departing through a flight.

San Antonio Airport Lounges

San Antonio International Airport offers two spacious Lounges for the comfort and convenience of travelers.

Quick Answer: Here is the list of all the lounges available at the San Diego Airport Lounges

  • United Club Lounge Operated by United Airlines (Terminal B, Inside Security)
  • USO Lounge Operated by USO Center (Terminal B, Outside Security); Meant only for the military community and their dependants 

From providing well-arranged seating options to offering complimentary food and beverages, lounges at San Antonio Airport enable a separate space full of soothing vibes. You can relax and refresh yourself before catching a flight. In fact, lounges serve as the best options when you need to spend long hours on a layover or if your flight gets delayed without any prior information. 

San Antonio Airport Lounges Directions

We have added the directions for all the airport lounges of San Antonio Airport for your reference.

Apart from this, San Antonio Lounges boasts of high-speed Wi-Fi and other major business facilities to help you keep a check on your official tasks and stay connected with your team or colleagues.

So, whether it’s an online meeting you need to attend or some document work you need to complete, everything can be done at a San Antonio Airport Lounge without any complications. These hours of an air journey certainly enhance your overall experience. 

Amenities and Services at SAT Airport Lounges

Here are some of the facilities and services that are offered at San Antonio International Airport lounges for the comfort of both vacationers and business travellers. 

  • Well-appointed and spacious areas to relax  
  • Power outlets and USB ports
  • Workstations
  • Bar
  • Selection of hot and cold drinks
  • Premium wines and cocktails 
  • Dining area with ala carte and buffet 
  • Meals and snacks
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Newspapers
  • Showers 
  • Restrooms

SAT Airport Lounges Access Types

These are some of the access types that let you access respective lounges at SAT airport. Nonetheless, you must be aware of the defined guidelines or terms associated with the access types in order to avoid end-moment issues. 

It must be noted that these access types are not related to the USO Lounge located at the airport. This lounge is meant only for the military community and their dependents who need to present certain ID proof. 

SAT Airport Lounges Guest Policies

You can bring guests with you to the United Airlines United Club lounge located at Terminal B of San Antonio International Airport. It is recommended to get in touch with the customer care team of the lounge to know complete information or the associated terms and conditions.

Cost of One Day Pass for Lounges at SAT Airport

You can access the United Airlines United Club Lounge offers through a one-day pass which can be bought for US$59 at the lounge’s reception. 

You can also buy the pass through the United Mobile App. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that the one-day pass facility can only be availed by passengers traveling the same day on United Airlines, its partner flight, or a flight by a Star Alliance member airline. 

San Antonio Airport Lounges FAQs

Take a look at some of the most commonly raised queries on San Antonio Airport Lounges. 

Does San Antonio have any airport lounges?

Yes, San Antonio airport houses two well-equipped lounges i.e., United Club and USO lounge, which serve as ideal spaces for travelers to relax and unwind before departure of their flights. 

Can I access a San Antonio Airport lounge?

Yes, you can access any of the two lounges located at SAT International Airport. You can buy an annual membership or fulfill the eligibility criterion for United Club Lounge as mentioned on the website of United Airlines.

On the other hand, the USO lounge is meant only for the military community and their families. 

Is there a Delta Lounge in San Antonio Airport?

No, there is no Delta Airlines lounge at San Antonio Airport.

What are the timings of the San Antonio Airport United Lounge?

The United Club lounge at San Antonio Airport remains open from 4:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Sunday to Friday. Timings for Saturday are 4:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Does San Antonio Airport have a USO Lounge?

Yes, San Antonio International Airport has a USO lounge located at the baggage claim section of Terminal B.

Can I sleep in United Club lounge at San Antonio Airport?

No, travelers are not allowed to sleep at the United Club lounge at San Antonio International Airport. 

Is there any San Antonio Airport smoking lounge?

No, there is no separate smoking lounge at San Antonio International Airport. There are designated areas outside the terminals where travelers can smoke.
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List of San Antonio Airport Lounges – SAT

United Club San Antonio Lounge, Terminal B

United Club San Antonio Lounge, Terminal B

Terminal B (Inside Security)