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Salt Lake City Airport Lounges – SLC

The Salt Lake City Airport Lounges presently operating out of Salt Lake City Airport provide their guests with a space where travelers are able to unwind and relax to their heart’s content and feel refreshed by the time they must head on to board their departing flights. The ambiance is rather pleasant and the lounges are outfitted with numerous comfortable seats and are also air-conditioned.

The Salt Lake City airport lounges also host multiple services and amenities to ensure that their guests (travelers) do not get bored during their visit and have a pleasant and memorable experience while using the lounge. 

List of lounges in Salt Lake City Airport

Every airport lounge in Salt Lake City has its own charm; while there are only two lounges presently operating out of SLC airport, both lounges host a number of services/amenities for the convenience of travelers using the lounges. Travelers will be able to appease their hunger pangs with light snacks and drinks or avail use of the free wifi among other things. Mentioned below is every Salt Lake City airport lounge functioning at SLC airport.

  • Main Terminal
    • Delta Airlines Delta Sky Club (Concourse A)
    • USO Lounge

SLC Airport Lounges Directions

SLC Airport Lounge Access Types

As you already know, Salt Lake City International Airport has two lounges, one of which is the USO Lounge. It is meant for the military community and their dependents. Hence, no access types hold relevance for the same.

However, you can access the other lounge i.e., Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club lounge at the SLC airport through the following access types. 

  • Delta Sky Club members
  • Delta One / SkyTeam Premium Cabin Passengers
  • Delta Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus (Non-Delta members)
  • Club membership for Diamond Medallion members
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Reserve Business American Express card members
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business American Express card members
  • Centurion Card and Platinum Card Members from American Express
  • LATAM Business Class passengers
  • LATAM Black Signature / Black / Platinum / LATAM Pass members
  • Virgin Atlantic Business Class passengers
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
  • WestJet Business Class passengers
  • WestJet Rewards Gold and Platinum members

It is advised to take note of the rules, terms and conditions or other details pertaining to the access as mentioned earlier categories. You may go through the complete information on the official website of Delta Air Lines. You can also reach out to their customer service team for assistance or any queries. 

SLC Airport Lounge Guest Policy 

Since the USO lounge located at the Main Terminal of SLC airport does not permit the entry of the general public, no guest policy applies in this case. 

Nonetheless, you can take a look at the guest policy applicable for Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club lounge located at Main Terminal, Concourse A at the airport. If you have any of these access types, you are eligible to bring guests to this lounge. 

  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business American Express card member
  • Delta, Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion traveling internationally in Delta Premium Select or Delta One
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus (non-Delta members)
  • Delta Sky Club Lifetime membership
  • Delta SkyMiles Diners Club card
  • Delta SkyMiles TRUST CLUB Visa card (Platinum and Gold)

It is mandatory to adhere to the defined guidelines for bringing or inviting guests to this lounge. Please take a look at the same on the website of Delta Air Lines or contact their customer care department for expert guidance. 

Salt Lake City Airport Lounges FAQs

Does SLC airport have a smoking lounge?

The SLC airport does have a smoking lounge, but smoking areas have been allocated at the airport.

Does Salt Lake City airport have a Centurion lounge?

No! There is no Centurion Lounge at SLC International Airport.

Does Salt Lake City airport have a Delta Sky lounge?

Yes! There is a Delta Airlines Sky Club lounge open at SLC airport.

Which Salt Lake City airport lounge Priority Pass access is offered?

Priority Pass does not have any tie-ups with any airport lounges in SLC.

What is the slc airport priority pass lounge location?

There is no dedicated Priority Pass lounge in SLC airport.

Does the Salt Lake City airport American Express lounge have a smoking area?

There is no AmEx lounge at SLC International Airport.

Which Salt Lake City airport club lounges have spa service?

Spa services are not offered at either of the lounges in SLC airport.

What is the JetBlue Salt Lake City Lounge airport location?

The Salt City Airport does not have a JetBlue airport lounge.

What is the WestJet airport lounge SLC location?

WestJet does not operate a lounge at SLC International Airport.

What is the Admirals Club Lounge Salt Lake City airport location?

There is no American Airlines Admirals Club lounge at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Are service animals allowed in the lounges at SLC airport?

Yes! Service animals are permitted in the Delta lounge and the USO center lounge.

What is the cost of the Delta SLC airport lounge day pass?

Delta Sky Club does not issue lounge access day passes.

Is vegetarian food available in the lounges at Salt Lake City airport?

Yes! The lounges do offer vegetarian food options.
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List of Salt Lake City Airport Lounges – SLC

USO Lounge Salt Lake City Airport, Main Terminal

USO Lounge Salt Lake City Airport, Main Terminal

Main Terminal (Inside Security)