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Stansted Airport Lounges – STN

London Stansted Airport is an international airport that serves London. If you fly out of this airport, you can seek pleasure in spending some relaxed moments at its lounges. Whether you are traveling for a business meeting or you are on your way to a tourist destination, each and every Stansted Airport Lounges offer comfort and solace that takes you away from the commotion of airport terminals. 

Lounges at Stansted Airport 

You will find two well-furnished and spacious that are strategically located at this airport. 

Main Terminal 

Amenities and Services at Stansted Airport Lounges

You can make use of the following facilities and services at lounges at Stansted Airport. 

  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flight Monitors
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Internet Terminals 
  • Printers and Copiers
  • TVs
  • Telephones

If you are looking for other services at a Stansted airport lounge, you may confirm the same in advance so as to enjoy a trouble-free experience.

Stansted Airport Lounge Access Types

You can use any of the following access types or the eligibility criteria to gain entry into the Stansted Airport Lounges.

You are suggested to check and confirm in advance whether all or some of these access types will be valid in case of a particular Stansted Airport Lounge.

Stansted Airport Lounge Priority Pass

Priority Pass members are eligible to use the Escape Lounge located at Stansted Airport, Main Terminal. This lounge is situated inside the security area. You can cross the security and the duty-free area. Then you will find the lounge conveniently set between Terracotta Italian Kitchen and Pret A Manger.

This air-conditioned lounge offers high-speed Wi-fi, television, internet, premium food, snacks, alcoholic drinks, newspapers, magazines, flight information monitor, and more.

Please note that this lounge remains open from 4:00 AM – 8:30 PM daily. You can stay at this lounge for a maximum of 3 hours from the time you booked for your arrival. 

If you are not using Priority Pass and thinking about it, you can visit their website and select one of the three plans as per your needs and budget. You can use this membership to access the related lounges at various airports located around the world.  

If you don’t travel much and need to fly occasionally, the Standard Plan is suitable for you. The yearly cost is $99. This plan lets you access a Priority Pass lounge for a reduced charge of US$35 per visit. 

Standard Plus Plan is another one offered for US$329 on an annual basis. This plan is suitable if you travel regularly. The first ten lounge visits are complimentary for you. The 11th and every subsequent visit become chargeable for US$35.  

If you travel frequently or your schedule is full of flight bookings, you should choose Prestige Plan. It costs US$469 per year. This plan offers you unlimited free access to Priority Pass lounges.

Stansted Airport Amex Lounge

If you are an Amex member, you can access the Escape Lounge located at the Main Terminal. You need to show your Priority Pass Select card and boarding pass for the same-day travel. You are also eligible to bring two guests with you on a complimentary basis.

Priority Pass Select card membership comes complimentary with your American Express membership. However, you still need to register yourself on the website of Priority Pass. You can refer to the website of American Express for more details and the relevant instructions associated with accessing this Stansted Airport lounge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with answers to some of the important queries based on Stansted Airport lounges.

How many lounges are at Stansted Airport?

The main terminal of this airport houses two lounges i.e., Escape Lounge and Fast Track STN.

What time does the Stansted Airport lounge open?

Escape lounge operates from 4:00 AM – 8:30 PM while Fast Track STN remains open from 4:00 AM – 8:00 PM on a daily basis.

Is there a Priority Pass lounge at Stansted Airport?

Yes, the Escape Lounge located at the main terminal of this airport belongs to the Priority Pass lounge network. Be it any of the three Priority Pass memberships you hold, you can access the lounge without any issues.

Does Stansted have airport lounges?

Yes, you will find Escape Lounge and Fast Track STN Lounge located at the Main Terminal of London STN Lounge.

Can you shower at Stansted Airport lounges?

No, shower facilities are not located at Stansted airport lounges.

What’s included in Escape Lounge Stansted?

Escape Lounge at London Stansted Airport offers hot and cold food, a selection of wines, beers, and spirits, hot and soft drinks, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi connection, flight information screens, mobile charging points, and much more for the convenience of holidayers and business travelers.

List of Stansted Airport Lounges – STN

Escape Lounge at Stansted Airport 

Escape Lounge at Stansted Airport 

International Departure Terminal