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Ben Gurion Airport Lounges – TLV

Travelers will find that Ben Gurion airport lounges are a little haven filled with some creature comforts; these lounges provide a safe space where travelers can spend time before their respective departing flights to relax and unwind. The lounges are free of any loud noises and overwhelming crowds of people that are generally seen at airports.

A number of useful services and amenities are also offered to the travelers in each lounge at the TLV aka Ben Gurion Airport; the lounges are quite comfortable and some of them are even luxurious. Travelers will have access to wifi, food and drinks, and most importantly comfortable seats that help travelers unwind. 

List of TLV Airport Lounges

In every airport lounge, travelers can appease their hunger pangs; the lounges offer an assortment of beverages, premium food, and light snacks. Some lounges even offer bar service (to travelers of legal drinking age i.e. 21 yr); F&B and R&R aside, the lounges are a great way to keep entertained when there is a long wait period at the airport before a flight departure.

Listed here are all the lounges operating at Ben Gurion Airport;

  • Fattal Private Terminal
  • Terminal 3
    • Dan Lounge (Concourse B)
    • Dan Lounge (Concourse C)
    • Dan Plus Lounge
    • The King David Business Class Lounge
    • The King David First Class Lounge


Amenities and Services at Ben Gurion Airport

Here are some of the facilities and services available at lounges at Ben Gurion International Airport. 

  • Spacious and comfortable relaxation areas
  • Food and snacks
  • Beverages 
  • Alcoholic drinks – Wine, beer, spirits
  • High-speed Wi-fi connection 
  • Private Conference and Meeting Rooms with Hi-tech Systems
  • Flight information screens
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Private hospitality services

Whether you travel for a holiday or you are taking off to your destination for a corporate visit, you can avail of modern amenities and services at TLV airport lounges. Please make sure to gather details about the type of services available at the particular lounge that you choose to access, as these given in the list may be offered only at some of the TLV lounges. 

Lounge Access Types

Here are categories specified as per defined memberships and statuses that make you eligible to access lounges at Ben Gurion International Airport. 

  • EL AL business class passengers
  • Top Platinum, Platinum, and Gold Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members
  • EL AL passengers who hold King David Club membership
  • Top tier members (with Platinum or Top Platinum Status) who are flying on an airline other than El Al Israel Airlines  
  • Passengers arriving or departing from Israel; traveling on private or commercial flights
  • One-day reservations irrespective of airline or boarding class 
  • Walk-in entries as per the availability of space 
  • Priority Pass members
  • Eligible American Express Card members
  • First and business-class passengers flying with Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Selected Cathay members
  • Oneworld partner program members
  • Cathay Diamond members
  • Cathay Gold members
  • Cathay Silver members
  • Cargo Clan Elite members
  • Oneworld frequent flyer program – Emerald members
  • Oneworld frequent flyer program – Sapphire members

You must go through the collective list given above and make sure to confirm the validity of the specific type with respect to the lounge you need to visit. Also, bear in mind to abide by the related terms and conditions. 

TLV Airport Lounges Guest Policies

Passengers checking their phone

You may bring or invite guests to TLV lounges. These are a few of the categories through which you are eligible to bring guests. 

Please do consider the pertaining instructions or guidelines issued by a particular lounge or an airline while you plan to bring a guest to the selected lounge. This will help you stay familiar with the number of complimentary guests allowed and you will know the charges applicable for inviting additional guests. 

Walk-in Charges 

Passengers walking into airport lounges

You can also pay on-the-spot charges and make a walk-in entry to the following lounges:

  • Fattal Lounge at Fattal Private Terminal: US$395 per person 
  • DAN Lounge at Terminal 3, Concourse B: US$45 per person 
  • DAN Lounge at Terminal 3, Concourse C: US$45 per person 

Please note these could be approximate values and may not include taxes. You are suggested to confirm the exact charge or amount to access the chosen lounge on a walk-in basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ben Gurion airport Dan lounge have day passes?

No! Day passes are not available for the Dan lounge.

Are Ben Gurion airport lounges air-conditioned?

Yes! All Ben Gurion airport lounges have air conditioning.

What is the American Express lounge Ben Gurion airport location?

American Express does not have a lounge at TLV International Airport.

When does the Arbel Lounge Ben Gurion airport open?

The Arbel lounge is operational 24 hours daily.

Where is the Ben Gurion airport business lounge located?

The Ben Guiron airport has business class lounges operated by airlines/clubs but there is no other separate business class lounge at this airport.

Is there Ben Gurion airport lounge access available to Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is accepted at the Dan Lounge in Terminal 3 of TLV airport.

Does the Dan Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport allow pets?

No! Pets/animal companions are not allowed in the TLV Dan Lounge.

Is there a massage service at the Dan Lounge Ben Gurion airport?

Massage service is not offered at the Dan lounge in TLV airport.

Which TLV airport lounge has a spa service?

None of the Ben Gurion airport lounges offer spa services.

What is the King David Lounge admission fee?

The King David Lounge does not offer paid entry.

Can American Airlines passengers use the King David Lounge at TLV airport?

No! The King David Lounge does not offer access to American Airlines passengers.

Is there a Centurion lounge in TLV airport?

No! There is no Centurion lounge at Ben Gurion Airport.

What is the legal drinking age at TLV airport?

Travelers must be at least 18 years of age in order to avail of bar service at any lounge in TLV airport.

Are pets allowed in the Dan lounge?

Pets/animal companions are not allowed entry to the Dan lounge.
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