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Cleveland Airport Lounges – CLE

The CLE Airport Lounges provide travelers with a much-needed respite from the airport crowds and noise; travelers are able to rest and partake in some services and amenities instead of getting bored while waiting for their upcoming flight departures.

List of CLE Airport Lounges

Quick Answer to your Query: Here is the lists all the CLE Airport Lounges

Main Terminal

CLE Airport Lounges Directions

The directions to the lounges of CLE lounges have been added below. You can easily navigate and get information about the lounges.

The Cleveland Hopkins Airport Lounges offer a selection of services and amenities that help enhance the lounge experience and the lounge is also a space where travelers can relax and unwind and perhaps grab a quick bite & drink before their flight.

Advantages of Accessing CLE Airport Lounges

Here are some of the major benefits of using CLE Airport Lounges:

Relaxation – You can find a quiet space at these lounges where you can unwind away from the hectic environment of the airport. You will find cozy seating arrangements, a pleasant ambiance, and not-so-crowded restrooms.

You can relax and refresh while you wait for the boarding time of your flight at the CLE Airport. No matter, whether you are traveling with a group of friends, your family members, or with your business team, these lounges are ideal for all types of travelers. 

Layovers – No doubt, these lounges are the best options to spend your free time during stops or layovers, especially when they are of long duration. No wonder, there could be unplanned flight delays or your flight may get canceled.

So, you can wait at the lounge for your next flight rather than move here and there while exploring other outlets at the airport. Furthermore, with TV screens and easily displayed flight information, you can stay familiar with updates on the boarding of your flight.

Besides, there could also be scenarios when you need to go back to home during odd hours, for e.g., midnight, in case of a canceled flight. Thus, staying at a lounge, suitable as per the terminal and time of your flight, during those hours is a wise decision.

Business Tasks – These lounges not only provide you with a calm atmosphere to spend unforgettable moments but they also serve as major zones where you can get some business work done before your flight.

You can use the fast Wi-Fi and other related facilities for your official purposes. You can easily attend an online meeting or report to your boss about an important update.

There could be an immediate conversation with your client. All such matters can be wrapped up in a private setting away from the bustling airport spots.

Cost-saving – As these lounges offer complimentary amenities such as food, snacks, fully stocked bars, shower facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, and much more services, you need not spend money by purchasing expensive food from outlets at the airport. 

Great Travel Experience – CLE Airport Lounges can enhance your overall travel experience. You can cheer up your mood, get relief from stressful travel planning, and go all set for your upcoming journey. 

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Lounge Access Types 

Here are some of the access types based on which passengers are permitted entry into various lounges located at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Most of the access types are specific to a particular lounge.

  • Priority pass
  • One day pass
  • Platinum Card® from American Express 
  • Business Platinum Card® from American Express
  • United Club membership
  • United Premier Gold
  • Star Alliance Gold status
  • Active U.S. military ID
  • United Club℠ Infinite Card
  • United℠ Explorer Card
  • United Polaris business class
  • United Business (international flights)
  • United Business (premium transcontinental flights)
  • First class on a Star Alliance™ member airline
  • Business class on a Star Alliance member airline
  • Frequent flyer program members
  • Star Alliance member airlines passengers 
  • United Club membership (with MileagePlus credit card membership)
  • United Club one-time pass
  • Active U.S. military personnel
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf™ Club membership
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer members

Please Note: The above access types are not valid in the case of the Bob Hope USO Lounge located at CLE Airport, as this lounge is meant only for the military community and their dependents.

Priority Pass Lounges at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has only one Priority Pass lounge i.e., The Club CLE which is located in Main Terminal, Concourse B (inside security). 

The lounge operates from 4:30 AM – 9:00 PM.  You are allowed to access the lounge 3 hours before the departure time of your flight.

If your children are under the age of two, you need not pay any charges for them. However, children are not allowed to enter alone. They must be accompanied by adults. The lounge serves alcohol only to passengers who are at least 21 years old. 

You can enjoy the complimentary buffet, drinks, high-speed Wi-Fi, charging ports, and tablet computers while carrying on with your memorable time with dear ones or your business tasks along with colleagues or clients.

Register for Priority Pass Membership Program

If you get a Priority Pass membership, you can gain access to a great number of airport lounges before catching your flight and spend nice moments with your friends, and family, or discuss business agendas with your team on the go. 

You can visit the website of Priority Pass to purchase the annual membership which is of three categories: Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. You can look over the plans and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. 

Some credit cards also offer Priority Pass membership. You can get in touch with the related team of your bank to get all the necessary details. Further assistance or guidance may be sought from the customer care team of Priority Pass through a contact number mentioned on their website. 

Day Pass Lounges at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

You can access The Club CLE at Cleveland Hopkins Airport using a one-day pass. This pass is beneficial for passengers who do not travel much and need to access a lounge on rare occasions. Also, if you are bringing guests with you, you may have to buy a pass for them. 

One day pass for this lounge can be purchased for $50 through the website of The Club Airport Lounges. You can also take a look at various third-party platforms that offer one-day pass bookings, as there could be desired deals.

CLE Airport Lounges for Economy Class Travellers 

If you are traveling in economy class, you can access The Club CLE (Main Terminal, Concourse B) and United Club Lounge (Main Terminal, Concourse C) which are conveniently located at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

It is beneficial to confirm the related terms and conditions or detailed information before you plan to access any of these lounges.

Travelers can indulge in preflight lite snacks or wholesome meals if they wish or avail the use of the free Wi-Fi service or simple lounge in these spaces; the lounges provide a good start to the travelers’ journeys. Rest & relaxation and food & beverages aside, the amenities and services provided are rather handy and prove to be efficiently useful when needed.

CLE Airport Lounges FAQs

Which CLE airport lounge has a spa service?

Spa service is not offered at any of the lounges at CLE International Airport.

What is the legal drinking age at Cleveland Airport?

Travelers who wish to avail of bar service at the CLE lounges must be at least 21 years of age.

Which CLE airport lounge has a pet relief area?

The pet relief area is not present in any of the lounges of Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Is there a smoking lounge in Cleveland Hopkins Airport?

No! There are no smoking lounges in CLE airport; smoking is not allowed in the airport premises.

Which CLE lounges Priority Pass is accepted?

The Club CLE lounge accepts Priority Pass.

What is the Club CLE entry price?

$50 USD per person is the cost of admission to The Club lounge at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Are service animals allowed in the Cleveland Hopkins airport lounges?

Yes! Service animals are allowed entry to the lounges at CLE international airport.

Are pets allowed in the United Club lounge?

Yes! Pets/animal companions are allowed entry to the United Airlines United Club airport lounge if the pets/animal companions are well-mannered and they remain inside their kennels/carriers for the entire duration of their lounge visit.

Does the United Club CLE airport lounge give day passes?

Yes! The United Club offers travelers the option to purchase a day pass if they wish to use the lounge facilities at CLE airport.

How much does the United Airlines United Club lounge pass cost?

The cost of the United Club CLE airport lounge day pass is $59 USD.

Does the CLE USO have shower rooms?

Yes! Shower facilities are available at the CLE Airport USO center.
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List of Cleveland Airport Lounges – CLE

United Club Cleveland Lounge, Main Terminal – Concourse C

United Club Cleveland Lounge, Main Terminal – Concourse C

Main Terminal, Concourse C (Inside Security)
Club CLE Lounge, Main Terminal

Club CLE Lounge, Main Terminal

Main Terminal, Concourse B (Inside Security)
BOB Hope USO Lounge, Main Terminal

BOB Hope USO Lounge, Main Terminal

Main Terminal (Outside Security)