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Minute Suites, Main Atrium, CLT

Minute Suites CLT, Main Atrium

Main Terminal (Inside Security)

  • Non-Smoking

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Top Amenities

  • Flight Monitors
  • TVs
  • Non-Smoking
  • 18+ Cardholder
  • Private Rooms

Minute Suites CLT – Atrium (CLT) offers a space away from crowded spots. These suites are comfortably built rooms where you can enjoy private space whether you are traveling with your family, friends, or corporate team.

Minute Suites are also ideal for solo travelers. You may also be looking for Charlotte Airport Sleep Pods. If yes, you are advised to explore the facilities offered by CLT Minute Suites as they go beyond offering just sleep or nap pods.

The friendly and hospitable staff are always there to assist you with any requirements or queries you have regarding booking a room.

You may also need advice on availing of a specific service or facility offered by CLT Airport Minute Suites, or there could be concerns regarding exploring the dining options in the vicinity.

Stay assured of cordial support and guidance from the team as they make sure to enable an incredible stay experience for guests. 

You can take a rest in a cozy, well-equipped, and fully furnished room and take a refreshing shower. All the suites are adorned with elegant interiors that provide comfort to the eyes and help soothe your mind.

High-speed Wi-Fi facility and more such amenities are there to let you proceed with your business tasks without any complications. Hence, be it a leisure or business travel, you can look forward to having a great time at Minute Suites CLT Airport. 

Location of Minutes Suites at CLT Airport

Minute Suites CLT is conveniently located at CLT Airport Atrium. It may be noted that this place is central to all CLT terminals.


We have added the directions to the Minute Suite CLT, this will help you to understand the location of Minute Suites which is located at the CLT Airport.

Operational Hours

CLT Minute Suites are open 24X7. You should definitely consider reserving a stay with Minute Suites as a potential option in case you need to wait for a connecting flight for long hours. Even if your flight has been delayed or has got canceled and you need to be at the airport, these suites become your perfect spot to relax.

Facilities and Services Available

Minute Suites located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers modern amenities and services to enable a home-like, happy, and enjoyable stay for you. 

Food & Snacks Charlotte Douglas International Airport Lounges

Comfortable Beds

You will find gracefully decked suites with eye-pleasing designs and brimming with charming ambiance. 

You can choose from First in Flight, Carolina, Panther, or Queen City Suites (daybed with trundle) and relax during a long layover, halt, or flight delay/cancelation. Even if you are traveling solo, you can reserve the smaller Uptown or Speedway Suites (daybed only).

Please note that a bed can be used for two people while a room can suitably accommodate up to four people.


All suites consist of complimentary DirecTV and high-speed Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy Netflix. Moreover, a mini-bar carrying snacks and beverages is provided to please your taste buds. Other items such as facial cleansers, sleep masks, silk sheets, and noise-canceling headphones can be purchased. 


You can take a refreshing shower and recharge yourself. The shower facility is made available on separate reservations. 

How Can I Reserve CLT Airport Minute Suites?

You can book a suite with utmost simplicity by visiting the official website of Minute Suites. Apart from this, they have also provided a dedicated telephone number on the website. So, you can call and speak to their customer support team, share your requirements, seek consultation, and book a suite well suited to your needs. 

If you book online, you need to select the date, time, and hours of use. There is also an option to write your requirements as you may need a suite with a shower or there could be any other preference. In this way, Minute Suites allows guests to share such choices while creating a reservation. 

Even if you are looking for Charlotte Airport Sleeping Pods, you must go ahead with booking Minute Suites CLT because they offer you much more than sleeping or napping pods. 

Minute Suites CLT Atrium Priority Pass 

You can also consider purchasing a Priority Pass or its membership plan to use the suite and save money. Detailed information including pricing options and benefits is available on the website of Priority Pass. You can also speak to the customer care team of Minute Suites to seek guidance on buying the pass and making relevant bookings. 

Who Can Access Minute Suites at Charlotte Douglas Airport?

Minute Suites CLT does not restrict entry to any traveler. It is open to all the passengers at the airport irrespective of the airline they are traveling with. It also does not matter which class they have reserved with the airline. They can make a reservation with Minute Suites at Charlotte Douglas International Airport without any such terms. 

At the same time, unlike other lounges, travelers need not have a membership card or a plan to access the suites. 

It’s just that when you need to wait for long hours at the airport, you might wish to relax or attend an online official meeting. You can easily visit Minute Suites and seek consultation from the staff to book a suite as per your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on Minutes Suites CLT Airport. Take a quick look, stay informed, and consider making a reservation. 

What are Minute Suites at airports?

Minute Suites have been made available at airports to offer private relaxation rooms on a reservation basis to travelers if they wish to relax during layovers, flight delays, or cancellations. Suites are fully furnished and well-equipped. All the necessary facilities are available for personal and official purposes. 

Does Charlotte airport have sleeping pods?

You will find two centers of Minute Suites located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), one is at Main Terminal and the other is at Main Terminal>>Concourse D/E Connector.

No matter which airline you are flying with, you can reserve a private room at any suitable location out of the two in order to take a rest, work on your laptop, hold meetings with your colleagues, or attend an online meeting. The rooms are well-equipped with all the facilities required for a comfortable stay.

How much do Minute Suites cost?

Minute Suites cost US$48 for one hour which is the minimum duration for which you can book your stay. If you extend the stay by 15 minutes, you need to pay US$12 more. Charges increase for more duration. Discounts are offered to crew and military members. More details may be found on the website of Minute Suites.

Does Charlotte airport have day rooms?

Yes! Charlotte Douglas International Airport has Minute Suites located at the CLT Airport Atrium. This place is central to all CLT terminals. You can reserve day and night rooms.

How much does the Minute Suites CLT cost?

The price of Minute Suites depends on an hourly basis. Starting from an hour, the charge is $48.00, but it keeps increasing if you extend the duration of your stay. Also, there are other factors including the type of room or suite you select and the shower facility, according to which you need to pay. You are advised to visit the website of Minute Suites to check all the necessary details or to get in touch with their customer team for support. 

What does a Minute Suite include?

A Minutes Suite comprises a comfortable daybed sofa that you can convert into a bed. There is also a sound masking system and a personal thermostat to manage environmental control.

Does Charlotte Airport have nap pods?

Charlotte Airport houses Minute Suites that offer more than just nap or sleep pods. You can book a private room to relax or carry on with your official tasks on the go.

Is smoking allowed at CLT Minute Suites?

No! Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of the rooms at Minute Suites.

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Martin wilson

It’s negligible or free of cost for priority pass members and a great choice to take rest. In fact, one hour free is offered to these members. But be ready to pay extra charges for everything else whether it’s snacks, drinks, or the shower facility.

 by omex smith

I found the room was clean and comfortably built when I reserved the space for one hour. Faced a bit issue but it was all taken care of by the friendly staff.

 by emily clarke

Although they have small rooms, they are suitable for passengers with long layovers. My exerience was fine and you can definitely reserve one.

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