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Cancun Airport Lounges – CUN

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is located in Cancun City, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It takes second place when it comes to considering the busiest airports in the country. But at the Cancun Airport Lounges, one can find extreme joy and comfort while waiting for flights at their free time.

Housing a lot of outlets and lounges, the airport offers travelers suitable spots to enjoy good food and make purchases as per their needs. Moreover, the lounges serve as separate zones to offer a place away from the hustle and bustle of the busy airport spots.

List of Cancun Airport Lounges

Quick Answer: The following is the list of lounges in Cancun Airport made available for the comfort and convenience of travelers:

Terminal 2

  • Mera Business Lounge
  • The Lounge by Global Lounge Network

Terminal 3

  • The Lounge

Terminal 4

  • Mera Business Lounge (International)
  • Mera Business Lounge (National)
  • The Lounge in Partnership with Air Transat


Facilities and Services at CUN Airport Lounges

Amenities including shower areas may differ from one lounge to another at Cancun International Airport. However, here are some of the common amenities that you can enjoy for a relaxed stay.

  • Food and beverages
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Conference area
  • Access for passengers with disabilities
  • Fax
  • Flight information screens
  • High-speed WiFi or Internet connection
  • Telephone
  • Newspapers and magazines

Altogether, these lounges make for an ideal retreat for leisure travelers and also fulfill the requirements of business travelers. This enables you to start your air journey on a good note and relish an enjoyable travel experience.

List of Cancun Airport Lounge Access Types

If you hold any of the following access categories or wish to buy the same, you can access CUN airport lounges related to the access type you have. Please be careful about the defined terms of use for a hassle-free lounge access experience.

  • One-day Pass
  • Lounge Club
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Frequent Flyers
  • MasterCard Airport Experiences
  • First and business-class ticket holders on Oneworld member airlines
  • Members with sapphire and Emerald Tier frequent flyer status

One-time Pass Cost for Lounges at Cancun Airport

You can buy a one-day pass to access:

  • Mera Business Lounge (Terminal 2) for US$35
  • The Lounge in Partnership with Air Transat (Terminal 4) for US$27
  • The Lounge by Global Lounge Network (Terminal 2) for US$30
  • The Lounge (Terminal 3) for US$32

Please Note: These values may refer to the approximate price that you need to pay to buy a one-day pass for respective lounges. Prices offered by various online platforms could be different. Hence, you are advised to proceed with complete research and take note of the mentioned terms and conditions so as to buy a pass for your chosen lounge at the best price.

Benefits of Using a Cancun Airport Lounges 

It is true that planning for air travel can be stressful. Especially, when you have long layovers or flight delays, you need to wait at the airport. So, if you are in such a situation at the Cancun International Airport, you can enjoy your spare time at its lounge suitable as per the terminal of your flight. 

An airport lounge experience certainly helps you recharge yourself and give an excellent start to your leisure or business travel. Here are some of the advantages of using lounges at Cancun Airport.

Relax and Rejoice 

A Cancun Airport Lounge serves as a separate area, full of comfort and tranquility, within the airport. You can avail of a range of facilities including cozy seating arrangements including sofas and recliners, high-speed Wi-Fi, and newspapers and magazines. Some Cancun Airport Lounges even have showers to refresh yourself before catching your next connecting flight. 

Enjoy Culinary Menu

Access to complimentary food and beverages is another major benefit that makes it a must for you to use lounges at Cancun Airport. Most of the lounges offer refreshment options. So, you can relish delectable snacks, meals, and delightful hot & cold beverages. In this way, you need not spend money to buy expensive food from outlets at the airport. Well, that’s a great way to save on your travel expenses. 

Use Business Facilities 

It is well-known that airport lounges provide a host of business amenities that can be useful for business travelers. There are even private work desks with high-speed internet connectivity, copiers, printers, and fax systems.

Hence, if you are traveling for business purposes or you need to attend an online official meeting or you need to keep a check on your official tasks on the go, you can do it all simply while you wait for your flight. In fact, the separate, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere makes it ideal for you to focus on your tasks and have fruitful discussions with your team without any disturbance.

Enjoy Special Status  

Don’t you think airport lounges can enhance your overall travel experience? Well, yes! This is because they offer a sense of exclusivity and a space full of privacy where you can share personal conversations with your dear ones or corporate colleagues.

Also, they can be used or accessed by particular passengers as per the policies of respective airlines. Similarly, there are certain policies as per which passengers arriving or departing from Cancun International Airport can use its lounges. Also, the eligibility criteria in some lounges are as per specific credit card or membership plans.

In some places, it is also on the basis of prior reservation. This is definitely a way of making travelers feel that they are valued customers and they prefer using the lounge on their next travel. 

Thus, you can decide on accessing any of the lounges at Cancun Airport as per the terminal of your flight, your arrival or departure, or the timings of your flight. This indeed ensures that you stay recharged both physically and mentally. 

Cancun Airport Lounges FAQ’s

Don’t forget to go through the following questions on Cancun Airport Lounges that are usually raised by travelers. 

Does Cancun International Airport have a lounge?

Yes! Cancun International Airport offers modern and comfortable lounges at its various terminals. You can enjoy a relaxed time while relishing snacks with beverages and use the available amenities whether you are traveling for a vacation or for an official purpose. 

What terminal is the lounge at Cancun Airport?

You can easily find lounges located at Terminals 2, 3, and 4 of Cancun International Airport. 

Does Cancun Airport have VIP Lounge?

Yes, Cancun Airport houses VIP Lounges, named Mera Lounge, which are conveniently located at Terminals 2, 3, and 4.

How do I access Mera Business Lounge?

You are required to reserve space online. The booking starts from $35 per traveler. 

Which lounges are in Terminal 4 in Cancun Airport?

Terminal 4 of Cancun International Airport houses Mera Lounge and The Lounge in Collaboration with Air Transat.
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List of Cancun Airport Lounges – CUN