Priority Pass has emerged as one of the widely used airport lounge membership programs that not only guarantees smooth access to modern lounges but has also won the hearts of travelers through its additional services associated with making travel journeys far more amazing and relaxing. Nevertheless, you might be bothered by a common question – Is Priority Pass worth it?

Well, we are here to alleviate all your doubts. First, let’s discuss what necessitates the need for such memberships.

Of course, travelers are driven by a zest to explore the world. Right from beginning to end, massive planning goes into deciding the travel destination and the route of the journey while maintaining the budget simultaneously.

Even business travelers also face a gamut of challenges while planning their journeys. Thus, in such a scenario, an airport lounge comes as a breath of fresh air that provides them respite and solace from the long-existing travel stress. 

Mostly available for travelers before the scheduled departures of their flights, airport lounges seem to have changed the whole travel game. With numerous travelers relying on this model that enhances their whole travel experience, the lounge setup is here to stay.

Priority Pass Benefits 

Frequent travelers who often find themselves spending hours at the airport, tired and with limited amenities can certainly consider enrolling in a Priority Pass membership plan. Offering a range of benefits and exclusive access to airport lounges around the world, a Priority Pass can significantly enhance your travel experience.

No doubt, spending time at a Priority Pass lounge can help you avoid the crowded terminal and relax in a comfortable zone. You can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, high-speed Wi-Fi access, and even shower facilities, allowing you to freshen up before your flight.

Whether you’re traveling for business or vacation, this membership can make your time at the airport more enjoyable. It could also be productive in the sense that you stay connected with your colleagues or clients through online meetings and you continue doing your official tasks with ease.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to know that Priority Pass also provides access to other airport services such as fast-track security lanes, priority boarding, etc. You can even get discounts and offers at restaurants and duty-free shops.

Besides, you will find that some memberships include free guest visits which means you can bring or invite a friend or family member to a lounge.

Thus, if you are fed up with bustling scenarios inside airports and want to relish comfortable journeys, you can surely consider a Priority Pass membership. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting a Priority Pass membership: 

You can enjoy access to more than 1400 airport lounges located all across the globe. No matter which airline or class you travel in, this membership program is open to all.

  • You can also avail of other benefits at the airport such as dining, spa, and retail discounts. Besides, various rest and unwind locations can also be visited.
  • You can get additional benefits of being a Priority Pass member. Priority Pass has established partnerships with various companies. Hence, you can enjoy preferred pricing on car rentals and airport transfers, along with complimentary memberships and subscriptions to useful services related to travel.
  • You can easily use the Priority Pass Mobile App and get everything at your fingertips. Your digital membership card, airport maps, lounge finder, and other features become simply accessible. With such helpful information available for ready reference, you can look forward to an enhanced experience at the airport. 

Additional Benefits Offered by Priority Pass

Let’s go ahead and take a look at a range of other major benefits offered by Priority Pass beyond enabling hassle-free lounge experiences. You can visit the in-airport rest and unwind locations and begin your air journey with complete ease. You can also avail of free memberships and subscriptions from the partners of Priority Pass. 

Here are some more benefits:

  • Shop duty-free online in advance.
  • Get a free membership of the WithU fitness mobile app.
  • Book your space in a lounge in advance.
  • Get wellness packages with special therapies at various Spas. 
  • Passionate gamers can play at Game Space.
  • Avail of takeaway services at restaurants and cafes located at various airports.
  • Book a private airport transfer.
  • Avail of offers on worldwide car rentals.

What is Priority Pass Membership?

Travelers who wish to use lounges associated with the Priority Pass lounge network need to register for one of its membership plans. This makes them eligible to use partner lounges as well as avail of other relevant services or subscriptions. 

Priority Pass Membership Levels 

Let’s now take a look at the membership levels offered by Priority Pass:

Standard Plan: You can purchase this plan for US$99 per year and it is ideal for you if you do not travel much. Thereafter, you can make your visit to a Priority Pass lounge for US$35.   

Standard Plus Plan: Available for US$329, this plan is recommended to people who keep traveling regularly. It offers the first 10 free lounge visits after which the members are required to pay a charge of US$35 to use the related lounge. 

Prestige Plan: Frequent travelers can opt for this plan and pay US$469 on an annual basis. This plan allows unlimited access to Priority Pass lounges without any fee. All the visits are offered free of cost.

Your Priority Pass membership also makes you eligible to bring or invite guests. No matter what plan you choose, you can pay a US$35 fee to get space for a guest. 

On the other hand, if you have heard of Minute Suites located at various airports, they offer private rooms where you can relax and perform your office work. The best part is that as a Priority Pass member, you can enjoy a complimentary one-hour stay in a separate room that features a pull-out trundle bed and all the essential amenities. After an hour, you need to pay if you plan to extend the duration.

Priority Pass Membership Cost

As you have read above, all the plans are offered at different price rates. You will find that each one of them comes with its own benefits. Even if you purchase a plan, you need to pay for the lounge visit, but you will have to pay a discounted charge.

The second plan also enables you to visit a lounge at a defined cost. However, it offers the first ten visits free. Similarly, you can see that the third plan comes at the highest cost but offers each and every visit without any charges. 

You can study and analyze the same in terms of your requirements, travel frequency, and budget. Thereafter, you can select a plan that goes perfectly well with your needs. 

Priority Pass Membership Card and Mobile App 

People who keep flying on a frequent basis are well familiar with the importance of gaining access to airport lounges. It’s like finding a space to relax and unwind amid a chaotic place where you can relax, grab a bite to eat, have a refreshing drink, discuss business agendas with your colleagues, and catch up on work before boarding the flight. 

Getting a Priority Pass membership makes for one of the best ways to gain access to these lounges. Members can easily handle or manage their accounts through the Priority Pass Digital Card and Mobile App. 

Don’t you feel those days are gone when you would carry a physical membership card and remain bothered about keeping it intact so that it doesn’t get misplaced? 

Well, now in the modern digital age, you just need a smartphone and you are sorted using the Priority Pass app. You need to download the app, log in to your account, and you have your digital membership card ready for you. It can be conveniently handled and there is no chance of misplacing it.

Also, you can get each and every piece of information readily available. Be it your membership details or your past lounge visits, everything can be checked on it. You can even explore new lounges located in airports you may not be familiar with.

The app also offers other major benefits. For example, you can use it to search for lounges near your current location or at a specific airport. You get options to filter the results on the basis of amenities such as Wi-Fi, showers, and food and beverages. So, this app acts as a handy tool and can be used to save time and make the most of your airport experience while making sure that you don’t get late for boarding your flight. 

Another great feature of the Priority Pass app is showing notifications or updates about offers, deals, and discounts received from partner companies. Be it about discounts on airport transfers, car rentals, or dining options, the app keeps you posted about all the new deals. Isn’t it super smooth and convenient for you?

All in all, the Priority Pass app and digital card have become the real game changers. You wish to relish a convenient journey and add a pinch of luxury to your experience. So, a Priority Pass membership does it all for you. 

Priority Pass Select Benefits

You must be wondering about how Priority Pass Select is different from Priority Pass. 

Priority Pass Select membership has been specifically designed for customers who get their membership via a US Financial Institution. 

Once you acquire this membership, you can gain access to lounges and experiences offered in 95% of the busiest airports located all around the globe.

You are advised to contact your Financial Institution if they offer you a Priority Pass as a benefit because of your bank account or credit card and you are interested in enrolling for the same. You can also go through the benefits guide provided to you. 

How Does Priority Pass Work?

Priority Pass members get a membership card. It provides you with access to the airport lounges belonging to the Priority Pass network. It simply means that Priority Pass has partnered or collaborated with them. 

Once you plan a visit to a Priority Pass lounge, you need to present your membership card. Here you can use your Priority Pass mobile app to show the same. You are also required to show the boarding pass to find entry into the chosen lounge. 

Once the front desk staff of the lounge verifies or checks details related to your membership, you are provided with access to the lounge. However, please keep in mind that if space is full at the lounge, you may not get access or may have to wait in a queue.

You must also check the operating hours of the lounge beforehand so that you don’t find it closed. Detailed information including lounge amenities and other crucial aspects may be found on the website of Priority Pass.

List of Credit Cards Offering Access to Priority Pass Lounges

Here is a list of some of the best cards that offer complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges. 

You don’t need to buy a specific Priority Pass membership plan but just have to pay the annual applicable fee of your credit card. Once you enroll in a card membership, you can access the Priority Pass lounge, but still you need to create an account for it on its website. 

Apart from this, there may be certain important terms and conditions associated with gaining free access through these cards. You are advised to take note of the same. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Deciding whether purchasing a Priority Pass is worth it or not cannot be justified, as it depends on the needs and preferences of different travelers. It is absolutely necessary to first consider how much you travel and which airport is your hub. 

If you need to travel frequently, you must think about purchasing a Priority Pass plan according to your requirements and budget. All the plans may be explored on the website of Priority Pass and you may also go through the benefits associated with this membership as we have already discussed above. If you don’t travel much, you can consider the first plan offered for US$99. But you may leave the same if you don’t find it beneficial. 

Well, whatever be your choice, we hope you travel in style!! 


Here are easy answers to some of the most common queries raised by travelers on purchasing and using a Priority Pass. Read through the same and stay informed. 

Is Priority Pass worth having?

It depends on how frequently you travel and which airport you majorly fly out of. This membership could be useful if you keep traveling on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may not have to buy it.  

Are lounges free with Priority Pass?

If you register for the first plan, you need to pay US$35 per visit to a lounge. On the other hand, you are offered the first ten visits free in the second plan and then you need to pay US$35 from the eleventh visit onwards. The third plan offers unlimited visits to Priority Pass lounges without any charges.

How many times can I use Priority Pass in a day?

There is no limit on the number of Priority Pass lounges, restaurants or other services you wish to use on the same day. 

Can anyone use the Priority Pass lounge?

Eligible Priority Pass members or cardholders are allowed to access these lounges. Nonetheless, there are certain credit cards whose membership gets you complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges. But then also you must register on the website of Priority Pass and create an account. 

Can I use a Priority Pass on arrival?

This is generally not allowed. However, if you are within the US, you may enter a domestic lounge (belonging to the Priority Pass network) after arrival, provided you are able to present the same day’s ticket. More information may be found on the website of Priority Pass or you can get in touch with their team for the same. 

How long can I stay in the Priority Pass lounge?

Although all the Priority Pass network lounges have defined their own specific policies, 3 hours is the usual limit allowed for your stay. You are suggested to look for detailed information about a particular lounge on the website or mobile app of Priority Pass.

How much is a Priority Pass membership?

The Priority Pass membership plans start at US$99 per year and you need to pay US$35 per lounge visit.

The second plan is for US$329 in which you get the first ten free visits. Then you have to pay a charge of US$35 per visit.

The third plan offered by Priority Pass costs $469 per year in which all visits are offered for free.

No matter what membership you have, you can bring guests by paying a fee of US$35 per person.

What is Priority Pass Select membership?

Priority Pass Select is an exclusive service offered to customers who get their membership through a US Financial Institution. As a Priority Pass Select member, you can enjoy access to lounges and experiences in 95% of the busiest airports globally.  

Can you have 2 Priority Pass memberships?

You are not allowed to have two Priority Pass accounts. However, if you still use two accounts, you will be allowed to use only one Priority Pass card at a time.

Can you have multiple Priority Pass memberships?

You can have only one Priority Pass card. However, you can tell the server at a restaurant or a lounge to use the related tab from among your two cards so the card you want to use can be considered at that time. Apart from this, you can order food using one card and then use another card to buy drinks.

How do I cancel my Priority Pass membership?

You are advised to request for the cancellation of membership in writing to the Priority Pass office where the Means of Access was issued. The other way is to contact their team at the telephone number given on their website.

How do I check my Priority Pass membership?

Once you register for an online account, your membership information becomes available or visible on your account. You need to log into your account through the Priority Pass website. Otherwise, you can refer to the Account section on its mobile app.

How do I find my Priority Pass membership number?

You can find your membership number right on the front of your membership card. It is also mentioned in any communications you might have received from the team of Priority Pass. 

How to cancel a Priority Pass membership?

You need to request the cancellation of membership in writing to the Priority Pass office where the Means of Access was issued, or you can also contact their team at the telephone number provided on their website.

 How to check my Priority Pass membership?

When you register for your online Priority Pass account, you can find your membership information by logging into the website or referring to the Account section on the Priority Pass mobile app.

How to get a digital membership card Priority Pass?

Once you have purchased a plan or you have become a member, you need to follow certain steps and fill up a form on the Priority Pass website to get the digital membership card.

How to get a free Priority Pass membership?

You can take membership of any of these cards that enable their members to find complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges. You just need to pay your credit card’s annual charge.
– The Platinum Card® from American Express
– The Business Platinum Card® from American Express
– Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
– Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card
– Chase Sapphire Reserve®
– Capital One Venture X Business Card
– The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card

Which credit card has Priority Pass membership as a feature?

You can explore these cards that offer Priority Pass membership for free.

– The Platinum Card® from American Express
– The Business Platinum Card® from American Express
– Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
– Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card
– Chase Sapphire Reserve®
– Capital One Venture X Business Card
– The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card

Nonetheless, make sure to confirm full details before you use a card to access a lounge.

Can I upgrade my Priority Pass membership?

You are allowed to upgrade or downgrade your program membership only at the beginning of a new program membership period. Additional charges may or may not be applicable for the same.

How to avail of a Priority Pass membership?

You can register for a membership plan out of the three types mentioned on the website of Priority Pass. Visit the website for more details and register for an ideal plan.

Which credit cards have Priority Pass membership?

These cards offer Priority Pass membership:
– The Platinum Card® from American Express
– The Business Platinum Card® from American Express
– Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card
– Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card
– Chase Sapphire Reserve®
– Capital One Venture X Business Card
– The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card

What are the benefits of Priority Pass?

You can enjoy access to more than 1400 airport lounges at a global level. You can also use services of in-airport rest and unwind locations, enjoy preferred pricing on car rentals and airport transfers, and make the most of complimentary memberships and subscriptions from the partners of Priority Pass.

You can enjoy additional benefits such as shopping duty-free, complimentary with u membership, pre-bookings, refueling with Priority Pass, relaxing with Priority Pass, and unwinding with Priority Pass. More details are available on the website of Priority Pass.
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