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AA Alaska Lounge Sea-Tac

Alaska Airlines Alaska Lounge Sea-Tac

North Satellite (Inside Security)

  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Non-Smoking
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi

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Top Amenities

  • Snacks
  • Spirits & Liquor
  • Beer & Wine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flight Monitors
  • TVs
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Non-Smoking
  • 18+ Cardholder

Alaska Airlines passengers looking for an Alaska Airlines lounge in the USA can find it in Seattle at Sea-Tac North Satellite Terminal; it has all the amenities that make you comfortable for your flight departure, such as food and beverages like coffee, fresh pancakes, soups, turkey and crackers, soft drinks and tea, concierge service, pro-level lounging, and many more. You can be comfortable at Alaska Lounge Seatac and can prepare yourself for business or traveling purpose flights.

Alaska Airlines has also designed different membership programs that help you add more comfort and peace to your journey and make it as smooth as possible, such as Alaska Lounge membership, admirals club membership, and many more facilities to keep you relaxed till the departure. Let’s figure out how Alaska Air Lounge Seattle works to provide you comfort and peace on your every arrival at the lounge. 

Seattle Alaska Lounge Operating Hours 

The Alaska lounge hours Seattle or the operating hours are from 5 am to 11 pm compared to others that operate 24×7. If you have an early or late-night flight, you can arrive at the Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle 3 to 4 hours before your flight schedule. 

Alaska Airlines Seattle Lounge Location & Address 

Alaska Lounge Seatac is in North Satellite inside the security. After proceeding from the central security checkpoint, turn right towards North Satellite Terminal, next to gate  N13-18 at the mezzanine level of Sea-Tac airport.

Ways to Access Alaska Lounge Seattle with Alaska Lounge Passes

You can follow the instructions to access Alaska Air First Class Lounge Seattle. For more information, you can visit the official website of Alaska Airlines or seek help from the north satellite terminal at the lounge’s location. 

  1. All the paid first-class passengers of Alaska Airlines with 2100+ miles can access the Alaska lounge. They could pay either miles or cash. 
  2. You won’t get access if you have upgraded the ticket. 
  3. You can easily access the lounges with an American Admirals Club and Alaska Lounge membership.
  4. According to the Oneworld lounge access rules, Alaska lounges are standard one-world business class and one-world sapphire lounges.  

Single Entry Lounge Pass Facility to Access Alaska Seattle Lounge 

You can purchase the single-entry lounge pass from their official website, based on availability. It is valid at the purchase location, and the single-entry lounge pass is limited to those flying with Alaska Airlines or One World member airlines. A single-entry lounge pass for Alaska Airlines Seattle lounge is 60 dollars per person. Passes are allotted to the passengers on the availability of space. It must be noted that It is valid only at the purchase location. 

However, a few exceptions exist for accessing the Single-Entry Lounge Pass as per the Single-Entry Lounge Pass Policy: 

  1. Members/guests can have additional lounge day passes for the same route journey. 
  2. The single-entry lounge passes are also available for active-duty military members. 

One-Day Pass to Enter the Alaska Airlines Lounge Seattle Airport 

If passengers want access to the one-day pass for Alaska Lounge access Seattle, they can do so by retiring the One-Day Pass at their airport. To use the lounge pass, passengers must fly with Alaska Airlines or any other airline which is a Oneworld member. The policy states: 

  1. If the lounge capacity is total, you won’t be able to purchase the lounge pass.
  2. One person is eligible for one pass; who can bring children below two years for free. 
  3. Children below the age group of 18 can accompany an adult inside the lounge. 

Although the Alaska Lounge Seattle day pass is non-refundable. The refund will be initiated if you have enrolled in Alaska Lounge or American Admirals Club within 30 days of having a lounge pass. 

Note: US military personnel traveling from official government-sponsored flights by SATO and ticketed for an Alaska flight, which will depart within 3 hours, get a complimentary Alaska lounge day pass. If an active duty military person with a valid ID will travel with Alaska Airlines, they can purchase the lounge pass at a discount of 30 dollars.

Membership Plans To Access Alaska Airlines Lounge Seattle

There are two ways to access Alaska Airlines Lounge. First is the Alaska Lounge membership, and second is the American Admiral Club membership. Both the memberships have been described below to get into the Seattle Alaska lounge:- 

1. Alaska Lounge Membership 

If you have the Alaska Lounge Membership, you can get access not only to the Alaska Lounge but also to the Admirals Club (passengers departing to Alaska or America), Qantas Club (passengers departing to Qantas), Selected United Clubs (passengers departing to Alaska). The Alaska Lounge Membership is divided into two sections: Alaska Lounge and Alaska Lounge+.

  1. To access the Alaska Lounge, if you are an elite member ((MVP, MVP Gold, Gold 75k, Gold 100k), you have to pay $450, and if you are a non-elite member, you have to pay $650. 9 locations serve it. 
  2. To access the Alaska Lounge+, if you are an elite member ((MVP, MVP Gold, Gold 75k, Gold 100k), you have to pay $650, and if you are a non-elite member, you have to pay $750. 9 Alaska Lounge Locations plus 90 partner lounges serve it.

Benefits Of Alaska Lounge Membership 

There are several benefits attached to the Alaska Lounge Membership: 

  1. You can access nine Alaska lounges if you have an Alaska Lounge membership. 
  2. You will get local and fresh complimentary food the whole day. 
  3. You will receive Local draft beer, house spirits, and West Coast wines. 
  4. The Alaska Lounge+ members will get access to Alaska lounges+ and other ninety partner lounges. 

Essential Facts Regarding Membership 

Non-elite members of Alaska Airlines can get 100 dollars off on the annual Alaska Lounge + membership if they pay through an Alaska Airlines Visa credit card or Alaska Airlines Visa credit card. The discount does not apply to basic Alaska lounge membership and elite members. 

Note – the members of Alaska Lounge have the flexibility to bring two people with them (partner, family member, or children below the age group of 21), and people traveling with Alaska Airlines or partner airlines can only access Alaska lounges. 

2. American Admirals Club membership  

Alaska Airlines and American Airlines have a lounge access agreement. If you purchase the American Admirals Club membership, you can easily access the American Admirals Club, the airport’s lounge. 

Ways Of Accessing Admirals Club Lounge 

To access the Admirals Club Lounge, Alaska Airlines passengers must: 

  1. Have a first-class or business-class ticket. 
  2. Have Oneworld emerald or sapphire status. 
  3. Earn the AAdvantage elite status.
  4. Purchase admirals club membership. 
  5. Purchase an admiral club day pass.
  6. Have a Citi / AAdvantage executive world elite master card. 

3. With MVP Gold 75k and MVP Gold 100k Membership 

MVP Gold 75k

It is an Alaska Airlines status that provides various benefits such as priority boarding and check-in, complimentary upgrades, 100% bonus miles, and many more. To get this status, you must fulfill the qualifying miles, which should be ground on Oneworld and global partner airlines flight, Alaska, and all the spending of a co-branded credit card. The qualifying miles of MVP Gold 75k is 75,000. 

MVP Gold 100k 

MVP Gold 100k is the top tier of Alaska’s elite status. Achieving the qualifying miles of 1,00000 is essential to get this elite status. If we talk about the benefits, after qualifying, you get 150% bonus miles, a 100k choice benefit based on qualification, an upgrade of two one-way international flights on American Airlines, and many more. 

One of the advantages of having MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K membership is you will receive 4 Alaska lounge day passes for free every year, which will be credited to your online mileage plan accounts.

4. Emerald And Oneworld Sapphire Status 

If you are flying with Alaska Airlines and have the emerald and one world sapphire status or you are an active member of the American Advantage Program, you are eligible to access the Alaska Airlines Lounge Seattle. The access applies to both international and domestically traveling passengers. Traveling out of North America is also included. 

5. The Citi / AAdvantage Executive Card 

With the help of a Citi/AAdvantage Executive card, you can get into the Alaska Lounge Seattle and the American Admirals Club. The card has an annual fee of 595 dollars and provides access to all the Alaska lounges. The authorized users are also considered qualified for lounge access, limited to the American Admirals Club. 

Alaska Air First Class Lounge Seattle Amenities

When you get inside the Alaska Air First Class Lounge Seattle, you can benefit or facilitate your time by indulging in the comfort food, drinks, and other services it provides. Below are all the amenities you can enjoy at Alaska Lounge Seattle.

1. Seating Arrangement 

The lounge is divided into three parts; if you enter the lounge and turn towards the left, you will see an area where you can relax. Here you will find fireplaces and many seats towards windows from where you can watch all the outside activities. You will also find other seats, such as couches, benches, communal and high-top tables with outlets to charge your electric devices. 

2. Food And Beverages:

Food at AA Alaska Lounge Sea-Tac

You can find various kinds of edible stuff in the lounge, such as self-serve breakfast options, which include yogurt, cheese, granola, fruit, salami, oatmeal, and hardboiled eggs. Along with this, there is a pancake machine as a fun feature, barista-made drinks and muffins, bagels, and scones that the members of the counter will serve.

3. Cocktails And Beverages

While relaxing at the Alaska Lounge Access Seattle, you will have various drink options, such as hand-crafted espresso beverages, soft drinks, coffee, tea, West Coast wines, and the special custom-crafted cocktail blood marry. So, as you wait for your flight to depart in the lounge, you can grab a cup of coffee and unwind. 

4. Concierge Services 

To add more comfort to your air journey, you can seek help from the concierge or ask them about your queries, such as the services and facilities the lounge offers and other queries related to your air journey. There are personnel available nearby to assist passengers and clear all their doubts and confusions. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

What do I need to get into Alaska Lounge?

If you have a first-class ticket of 2100 miles and a first-class award ticket from Alaska Airlines, you can access Alaska air first-class Lounge Seattle. You can access the lounge through an Alaska lounge or American Admirals Club membership.

Is the food free in the Alaska Airlines lounge?

Passengers can have free food at Alaska Airlines Seattle Lounge, after they have entered the lounge.

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